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  1. Well here’s the latest I have. Character is lost forever and there still appears to be no way currently to use a PS4 as a dedicated server AND be able to switch maps and keep your character/creatures/etc. Running with downloads locked out makes your character go to the PS4 client memory but you can’t get it back out. Running with downloads allowed does not give you a way to upload existing character using the Obelisk, you can open the menu and get the option to transfer to another ark in the cluster but the list is completely empty no matter what options are checked. I saw on a PC ve
  2. Technical help request - Using PS4 as a dedicated server Hello, So I’ve got 2 PS4’s, one original model PS4 and a PS4 Pro. I’m using the original as a dedicated server and the Pro as the client and everything has been working fine for a while. I’m going for full progression so I started on the Island map and have been playing that for a month or so. Recently I decided to move over into Scorched Earth so as a test I took my character, 1 single creature and some very basic gear to the obelisk and uploaded items/creature/character. I turned off the Pro (client) went to the original
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