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  1. We have bp for saddles with 165 armor for theris
  2. Is good thanks. I will do that then and give it a try.
  3. Oke thanks. I will get the health and melee up on them. As for the saddles we have ascendant tire saddles. Aren't those the highest tire? Or am I wrong?
  4. Hi I wanted to fight the gamma dragon with my friend. It is our first time and we don't know how good our dinos need to be. We are breeding some theris base health is 4000 and base melee is 308. We also have ascendant saddles with 165 armor. We also have a yuty and a deadon. Will that be enough or do we need to breed them to be better. We are playing on a weird difficulty where max wild dino level is 96. Hope that someone is able to help. Thank you in advance!
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