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  1. Ah ok! It makes a bit more sense now! Thanks for that!
  2. Thanks for the reply How do I try unofficial servers? I am playing on Xbox at the mo. I am on a small tribe server at the moment! It's just me and my team mate so we are trying out some different tactics to get around this being wiped lol
  3. And the same team has done it more than once to me....its intentional! I am all for PvP but this is just intentionally wrecking stuff and keeping people out of the server
  4. Griefing Anyone else have any issues on certain servers/maps with teams just clearing you out before you even have a chance to build or tame? Like coming with robots and a team of 5 against 1 with one tame? The Xbox server in question is always dead which makes me wonder if people are avoiding it for this reason?
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