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  1. Slug's Sanctum 5x 15x Clusters PvP Welcome to Slug's Sanctum, a Pure PvP server with both a 5x and 15x cluster, as well as a poppin discord! Weekly events, admins that only intervene when absolutely necessary or requested, and player polls to vote in or out content such as : -Banned Manas -Banned Ext map -Ext dinos implemented into the other maps on the cluster -Increased turret damage and structure resistance during the week, and official during the weekends to help deter mid week offline raids without the abuse of ORP!
  2. Over here on Slug's Sanctum we have ext, as well as manas banned due to player polls, although we have incorporated gachas, velos, owls, and gasbags into our other maps! Both a 5x and 15x cluster and a pretty poppin discord that you're welcome to join
  3. Hey there! You're more than welcome to join us over on Slug's Sanctum, either the 15x or 5x cluster! It's pure pvp, admins only step in when asked to help with issues or resolve an issue! We've got a discord and a pretty good community as well!
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