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  1. Why dont you fix this trash person who is projecting his problems onto the devs
  2. So when you are fightining the dodowyvern he obvoiusly will summon his minions (Zombie Wyverns) and so in order to claim them you CANNOT kill them if you kill them then you wont be able to claim them so if you were to lead them away from the dodowyvern and then using a snow owl or a griffin try and get away as fast as possible using your glide and then you kill the dodowyvern you can fly back over to the zombi wyverns and they should not be hostile but you can hit E and you will claim them
  3. I think where I am going wrong is I dont understand I have played sp for most of my gameplay time so maybe I dont understand how difficult it can be
  4. Allorex216

    Ok so may be a dumb question but, could that be a titan skeleton?
  5. Allorex216

    5th Titan

    That is incredible!!! maybe you could find a mod developer and pay them to make it into a mod
  6. What is your playlist? I have realized something while playing ark and its that ALOT of people like listening to music while they play ark, and so I know that personally I enjoy throwing on a playlist and then I just phase out while I play, so what is your playlist? I usally run some classic rock or I will listen to johnny cash but I never mix them! Highly not recommended because you will get this wierd country rock and that will leave a bad taste in your mouth!
  7. I do agree with everyone who says stuff about PvP players being the ones who complain the most and would like to add if someone doesnt like PvP why dont they just try something else rather than trying to start something?
  8. If someone would like to contact me on a topic here is my email I am not gonna try ton conversate on forums and waste my stuff I can write


  9. OK I am genuinly confused I understand all of this but is what im doing right or wrong? this is gonna give me a headache
  10. You all are right I am just adding to the problem by complaining myself. I admit I was wrong and will try not to make this mistake again. Also this was kind of a paradox
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