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  1. Well I think that’s great for you that you are able to have fun but for me and my not even 1 year old switch the game refueses to load in trees even when I’m close. Doesn’t help if docked and my switch is not 2nd hand so I think the game was just a lazy port
  2. I feel you dude! We haven’t got a patch in a year! And the one patch we did get made the game function worse. I’m at the point where if the game looked like the mobile version I’d be happy. People say ark would never run well on the switch but it goes on just fine on the mobile version.
  3. Atop this is there any refundable options, I don’t think there is for me because I got mine from the e shop I guess I wasted 80 dollars on a unpolished glitchy game. Can anyone inform or help me?
  4. Disappointed The graphics just look atrocious and are outdone by my iPad Air 2! Maybe I am missing something but why should I pay a 80$ game (nz money) and be rewarded with a game where if a dodo is 5 feet away I have squint to make it out. Please fix this! You abandoned all the players who paid for the game on the switch and gave them a patch that made everything look worse. Add a patch to optimise this! You know that when my normal ipad outdoes my gaming console something is wrong not to mention that mobile is free too. Please don’t leave us in the dust Wildcard A loyal fan
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