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  1. Oh wow lol alpha tribes been grieving people, haven’t gotten much of a chance to build up over there . I’m still recruiting, if anybody who can grind almost daily would like to join
  2. Hey good to know your willing to join. I’m StanleyThrustwel with a pig profile pic. We are currently trying to build up on extinction 961 official, not small tribes. I’m usually on around 4 30 pm USA time.
  3. Hello. You good at taming by chance? I have a little 6 man tribe on official, and usually the tribe leaders in tribe help don’t respond... it sucks. But anyways I’m looking for tamers, and have been msging different people asking if they wanted to join. Would you like to consider the idea?
  4. Btw what’s the server? I would like to have a chance to get on the server...but I have no idea which one it is. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Interviewe I’m 19, with Canada time zone, I’m best at breeding, but if I am required or have spare time I will farm any resources. I have actually never left a tribe, my whole official ark journey has been me and 2 friends constantly getting raided. We’ve quit until I found about this ps4 tribe recruiting. I’m active for about 4hrs on usual days, weekends about 6, and at times I might not be active for 3-5 days. I would love to join your tribe, and after I’ve earned your trust I’d like to ask if I could have my own Dino’s. Ive always hated when other people get others tames killed, that’s the reasoning behind wanting to own my own tames. I’m very loyal, and I would love for you to accept me.
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