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  1. Why Is Primitive plus Still so broken? It hasn't been given the TLC 3 update, nor the animated skins for the ark series. It has so many bugs like characters standing ontop of dinos instead of riding them. No character creation, no kibble taming. I feel like if Wild Card would have left it as a mod it would be doing much better right now. Are they abandoning Prim Plus?
  2. It is certainly not an Xbox problem and once again wildcard ignores there fan base. This has nearly been a 24 hour issue and I doubt it takes more then 40 minutes to fix a simple texting bug. I cant get into password protected servers I cant enter admin commands I cant text in world chat. All things I need to do in order to run a server. Oh look here though Wildcard screwed up again what a darn surprise I really truly wish someone else would have made ark. Maybe then it wouldn't be full of bugs and problems. This studio has no idea how to run a successful game and its starting to show again.
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