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  1. Bad people These people will infiltrate your tribe pretend to be friend talk and everything then unclaimed your dinos steal your poop and wipe you clean be aware Of Ascended tribe especially of player Achilles531 hes their scout
  2. Hidden tribe I have a small tribe set up in EU-PVP-Valguero-CrossArk12 there’s 12 of us in a tribe. am on 24/7 mostly and tribe are daily players we can add a lot am lvl 89 rest of the player 78+ we been constantly wiped by alpha tribe, they left us alone and now another tribe popped up and wiped us twice.... we just wanna play and grow, and just because they have beef with alpha they wiped us ... so in return we would love to grow somewhere safe grind and wipe the tribes that gave us nightmares once the transfer is open can we join yous guys ?
  3. EU-PVP CrossArk12 Any huge ass tribes there?looking for a kind tribe willing to help us
  4. Need Help We are looking for big very big tribe, we’re on EU-PVP-Valguero-CrossArk12
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