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  1. Platform saddles and cryos Hi, so i have a question is it possible to cryo my tame that has a platfirm saddle with a base on the back and it will not demolish. So will the base on the back be demolished when its cryod. Thank you
  2. Thanks and what would be other uses for a brontosaurus
  3. Brontosaurus’s Hi I’m going to tame a brontosaurus I’m exited. But first I was wondering what should I level it up in? I want to use it for guarding my base and getting berries. I’m thinking health because then it can last longer. I’m looking for around a level 15 to 20 to tame because if don’t have enough gear to tame any higher level. Any answers I would appreciate. Thank you
  4. Im safe but what about my tames I guess when im in the lake near my base I whistle for my tames to run.
  5. Should I just log off when I see it to offline damage because it sounds op
  6. Dodo rex A couple of days ago the dodo Rex spawned in on the PvE server I play on. It attacked killed many of tames from different people. After a while it was over. My question is will the dodo Rex be back? And if it is can someone please tell me its stats because it was slaying everything. Thank you!!
  7. Lymantria been able to make silk I have a game suggestion. I think that it would be cool that Lymantria should be able to passively produce silk. It would make it a much worth while tame.
  8. What is DDosing I have heard people talk about DDosing in the in game chat what is it. Thanks!
  9. You had an army of Wyvs that's hard to do
  10. Wow you wrote alot thanks!
  11. You really went into description thank you!!
  12. Server wipes Hi so I have a question do official servers wipe? And if so how often and also will it give warnings before the wipe? Thank you!!
  13. Honestly i would rather be friends with other players then have lots of look but be hated.
  14. Question about guns Hi so I have a question whether or not to use long necks or simple pistols or other guns. So I play a pvp server and normally I make long necks for fighting other players but there one shot and deal a lot of damage or simple pistol which shoots fast and deals a bit of damage. Please can someone recommend which is better for pvp I only really use it for self defence not raiding. Thank you!!
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