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  1. I let my adolescent rexes die at 80% because they didn't have enough food. My heart will be bleeding for weeks to come
  2. Pve official Island I bred a couple rexes to get eggs so my tribe can boss run without the bigger tribes, which I have been working towards for a few days now. I also set up my current 3 juvenile rexes to be ready for imprint when I get back in 5 hours. I am working on a base over the water where I can actually build a decent sized base, and completely finished the first floor. Grabbed a bunch of random dimorphs to do cave runs because they're cheap and clear for me, although I'll need to work for the underwater caves. Started getting set up on ragnorak so I can raise wyvern, and got the expansions to expand myself even further. Only half of my day so far so I'll be getting more done later
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