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  1. a rollback occurred for 30 minutes and after i relogged into the server my inventory was empty and it made me respawn not saying I died, 30 minutes before the rollback I was on a different map I went to check there as well and nothing, everything in my inventory is gone, no death notice either
  2. I'm always making them, but it takes a total of a day to make enough to even get one chibi, its not really worth it is it?
  3. so they lowered the mats it takes to make prime jerky, cool, but did they forget it takes like 30 minutes just to make one?
  4. event is crap, its been crashed every 2 minutes (or as soon as an aggroed dinos does its first attack) I've lost 4 birds and so many glow tails already in the span of 36 hours
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