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  1. well my rexes are around 2500% dmg , but i dont want to lose them for a stupid unstudied strategy at island dragon. thank for the tips
  2. thanks, I have heard also that megaloceros with shotguns and 5 rexes will do , do you think that is possible?
  3. well I started at valguero and defeated their bosses, For alpha dragon on island do you think strong rexes will do ?
  4. which of all the maps are the easiest to farm tributes and artifacts? So, I am kinda new in the ark world, and i am just playing 1 map actually, I thought to ask you guys which do you think i can go and build another base with bosses to fight that would not take time?
  5. High armor Tek Rex Saddle engram The best battle is a Tek Rex Battle, with High armour Tek rex saddle. This would be EPIC!
  6. Arabi

    Turkey Glitch?

    I chump them with giga, super easy
  7. well as for me i solo alpha with rexes and 1 yuty. rexes are 50k hp with 2.2k dmg. so I guess you already know the results. However due to the bug of manticore, i always get 300 shotgun ammo with 250+ shotgun so that if I notice that it doesnt want to land, I will start killing it midair [yes screw the elements, i need my rexes to survive] thanks
  8. well as a starter in this game.. I rely totally on chances, if manticore lands then yayy I will have elements , If manticore does not land then I will die. I learned to bring some allies with 250+ shotguns so that if the bugg is there , I would pew pew the hell of it midair
  9. Manticore not landing So I have been trying to defeat bosses lately and I noticed many times that manticore tries to land for a second n then gets up again. Is it a bug? if not, what are your suggestions to nail it ? other than velo and shotguns. thanks
  10. I came somehow late to the event but but... this is a whole new experience that i hadn't felt in a long time!
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