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  1. Locked out of my base I accidentally joined another tribe, and I didn’t merge. I was the only member in my tribe, and now I’m locked out of the base I was building. That base has almost every single item I own, including some very high level resource Dino’s, all my resources, and all my tools, armor, etc. 6+ months of progress currently being deleted. Rag server 917 Xbox. I need help from an admin. Already made a forum post, and I already submitted a ticket and nobody has replied. HELP. ME. PLEASE.
  2. It was a tribe consisting of only me tho. Nobody to invite me and now there’s just a whole bunch of stuff just decaying slowly.
  3. Lost all items after I left my tribe. I left my tribe on Xbox rag 917. Was trying to join my friends in their tribe, but I accidentally left mine first. I don’t own any of my stuff, or Dino’s. That’s like 6+months of accumulated items that would be really unfortunate to lose. Admins. Help?!?!?
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