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  1. I've lost my whole base the first time I've uploaded my character so I'm very careful when it comes to this stuff and I have no clue why that's happening we need a dev in here
  2. Catmaster

    A few things

    A few things First I would like no more boundary lines in console but I thought Tek crop plots could be a cool idea and add a safe zone setting (I have a discussion on why I think we need one) also one more the crystal isles is a dlc like ragnorok if a dev reads this plz tell me what you think! About the ideas
  3. First I'm sorry about your Dinos I know how that is I'm already guessing you did but did you reset your game?
  4. Did you check in the obelisk aka the boss spawer in the other worlds?
  5. I would like some help with this plz !
  6. Safe zone problems So I play ps4 and my game Safe zone is messed up I adjusted my hud but I play split screen and it's a paIn cause I can't See my Dino's health or buffs
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