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  1. Ok thanks for your reply, I tired candy yesterday and I am now a better colour.
  2. Dyeing Character Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to permanently dye my character on ark mobile. I was using dust but then heard that if I was to die the colour would be removed and I would have to reapply it. Also after dying my hair red I’m having trouble dyeing the rest of my character without the hair changing. Thank you!
  3. PonyoCat

    Absent Admin

    Ok thanks for your help, I will try that.
  4. PonyoCat

    Absent Admin

    Thanks. We play on an official server so no admin. No one one the server has seen her.
  5. PonyoCat

    Absent Admin

    Absent Admin Hi, our tribe admin owner hasn't been seen by anyone on the server for over a month but the tribe ranking system hasn't changed. She has definitely not been online, does anyone know why it hasn't changed. Thank you
  6. Which areas of the argy will change colour first?
  7. Wow that’s a lot, thank you for your replies.
  8. It’s adult and is white with green wings and front
  9. Potent dusk to dye tames Hi, does anyone know how much potent dusk is required to change the colour of an argy? Also which areas of the argy dye first? Thank you for your replies.
  10. PonyoCat


    Thanks. Do you know what the email is?
  11. PonyoCat


    Report Hi, I am playing on mobile. What is the best way to send a screenshot to the devs, I need to report something but it’s in the chat rather than a base or something.Thank you!
  12. PonyoCat


    Ok, thank you for the advice. Are you going to be doing the dungeon later so that I can watch your YouTube and know what to expect?
  13. PonyoCat


    Dungeons Hi, I am playing on ark mobile. I was considering going into the dungeon as have never done it before. Does anyone have any tips. What armour do I need? What weapons should I take? What are useful resources? And any other tips. Also does anyone know what the dungeon is this week. Thank you in advance.
  14. PonyoCat

    Server Transfer

    Server Transfer Hi, I am playing on ark mobile. If I buy a server transfer ticket and take chronicled tames in my inventory will they come with me. Also will it still be 2 amber to revive them. Thank you!
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