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  1. It’s not lore you can’t play through lore story you can story you see with your own eyes arks story lore you can’t find on your own it is shown with explores notes
  2. I use a gtx 1060 and run at 60 FPS with small dips with all epic
  3. ark optimization ark optimization I play without almost any lag on a gtx 1060 does anyone have any problems with lag
  4. I just need to say they do not use the unreal engine they use a heavily modified version this was stated by multiple devs
  5. ark optimization How optimized is ark really I play with a gtx 1060 getting over 60 fps with small dips lower than 60 is that really that bad or is all the people saying it’s VERY VERY VERY VERY LAGGY and unoptimized crazy people
  6. None no mods would I like to see added they are all unbalanced or game breaking
  7. This would be boring it would be about 1 following the story of Helena Rockwell mei yin and the others Or 2 about the player witch would be a problem because the player is not specific character
  8. The ocean is very dangerous how is that a bad thing I love the ocean the thrill is amazing with all the jellyfish Leeds mosa and squids
  9. Ark was always sci fi never about dinos NERVER EVER (TheDonn I am looking at you)
  10. 1 No 2 No 3 no 4 no 5 no 6 no These aren’t good suggestions they just make the game easier how about this a type of official sever that always has boosted rates and easier bosses that way not everyone is effected
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