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  1. Try to make drops in Extinction or Fishing in Genesis, and probably you will soon find one.
  2. I use Dunkle to pick up metals and element ore, and use points only for damage. At Basilo, I put weight points to put the items in it after taking it with the Dunkle.
  3. I have a very weak PC and play ARK with the minimum settings. since the last update some places on the Exticntion and Aberration map have buggy textures, they are flashing green or blue. Could this be a video driver problem or something else related to the update?
  4. Mutation is a complicated science to learn at first, but the basic thing is that you know that the status that comes with the baby is the basic status of the father or mother, for example. when you create a dino and imprints on it, those imprints do not count towards creation, the status that counts is when the dino was born. another thing is to have a control of the status that the parents have and look at the puppy if any one came out differently, and you will see what has changed. sometimes the dino changes in statuses that do not apply as movement, no dino is born with too much movement bu
  5. Hello people! I would like to ask a question, what is the best map for farming element, Genesis or Extinction? I still don't have a Genesis base and I use Extinction to farm, that's why the question. Thank you <3!
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