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  1. I used to invite my friends to play together. I don't recommend it to anyone lately. Wasted time and nerves.
  2. Steam work fine. Little buggy)
  3. 2x! That would be great. At the moment, this is the right decision. Please WC.
  4. Ark Lock. Anti-Meshing-Player-Killer-System destroy world... really sad...
  5. Today after patch 303.1 happen to me
  6. Boosted breeding rates, random colored dino, new dino skins. Top engram in Beacons, SOD.
  7. Thank you. i will try this
  8. Yes, i love this game too, but too much bugs, all servers have lags. This game takes too much free time. And at one point to lose, what took a few days (weeks) of real time. sadly(
  9. Valguero Transfers for PC Transfers open up on Valguero for PC tomorrow. See the thread below for specific timing related to consoles. ---------------------------- So what time transfers on Valguero open for PC?
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