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  1. chibi exchange to adult version Hey it would be very cool if we can exchange the chibi to adult version of it. Lvl 1 chibi = lvl 100 adult dinosaur Lvl 2 chibi = lvl 200 adult dinosaur Lvl 3 4 5 ect = lvl 300 adult dinosaur
  2. A story mode A story mode where you can pick one of the characters that written the notes, explore the world throw there eyes. A story mode wheres theres multiple choices when talking to an npc, each decision you make gets you a deferent outcome and it will change the ending. Travel throw the island, scorch earth , abbreviation and extinction will see all villages, will see buildings before they turned to ruins and what caused there ruin. Each character gets his own set of main missions and side missions but quests are the same to all characters. each character gets a missions, main missions, side missions, quests But there's also make your own character, that character gets unique story not related to the notes. Main missions like convince characters or tribes to help you with your story or taming a specific dinosaur that the player you play as tamed. Side missions like collecting stuff, building things that will help you in the main missions. quests is a billboard where npcs post a type of a mission where you tame a dino and bring the dino to the person that posted the tame quest, or finding missing people ( alive or dead ) or collecting items. What do you think about my idea wildcard studios and ark staff?
  3. lythronax argestes Maby it could replace the t rex in genesis maps, and it have stabbing bleeding ability with healing after each kill like arg. Or https://YouTube.com/S38omkynyBA Ability to be able to hold dinosaurs or humans for few seconds.
  4. Trex needs an update There's some new things been found out on the t rex, watch and learn the rex needs this update And another rex type dinosaur
  5. A ark live action TV show or anime Hey, wouldn't it be cool if ark makes an anime or a TV show, they could expand the explorer notes and fit it for tv. Allot of good characters and stories are found in the notes, it would be amazing to see it live or in cartoon. Do you think wildcard will ever do it?
  6. How to get avatar corrupt helmet skin Location of explorer notes
  7. Some ideas I have. 1.Dodowolf dodoraptor dodogiga. 2.More tek skins. 3.An instant tame shot extremely hard to make made from rare stuff that is very hard to get. 4.Dinosaurs resurrection, brining back dead dinosaurs. 5.The ability to release a dinosaur to the wild, once clicked release a timer appeares on the selected dino ( 5:00 ) when its his zero it becomes a wild dino. 6.dino footprints and a dinosaur that can track them 7. A flying and a land dinosaur that can track the last dinosaur they hit. 8.A flying and a land dinosaur that can track dinosur by smelling a wild dinosaur poop. 9. A tek that allows the player to take dino abilities, example like adding the arg ability to heal to the player, and it won't be permanent ability. 10.a eatch time a carnivore dino attacks a living dino it will get meat from the attacked dino. 11.cracks in ice that brakes if heavy dinosaur or players walks on them, it will cass the dino or the player to fall to the icy cold water and to there death. 12. If a player harvest a human they get flesh ( humen flesh ) not meat, and if u keep eating flesh, and after awile on eating only flesh it will make player a cannibal Then the player will not be satisfied by eating normal cooked mate, the normal cooked meat will make the player feel sick if the if they eat it. But the cannibal ability makes the player to be able to eat raw flash and spoiled meat without getting sick from it, and it will change the player to beast like, (long nails) when it attacks it won't use fists it will attack by scratching, and it will case bleeding effect on the dinosaur there attacking. 13.herbs, ability to harvest deffrent type of herbs to make more powerful meds better then the berries meds 14. Ability to upload ur own image on flags ect ect. 15. hygiene bar and poop bar, and self cleaning items and showers, the lower the hygiene bar is the more dinos can spot you. 16. The ability to throw special meat mix or special berries mix distract dinosaurs. 17. The ability to throw any hand hold item at a dinosaur. 18. Wild baby, juvenile And adolescent dinosaurs with there parent's 19. A special food recipe, if make the item and feed it to any wild dino and the dino will become friendly wild dinosaurs that will save the player if the player is in danger, tho it will depend on how many times you feed the dinos. 20. The ability to make ice cream with berries and iced water jars, fills food and water bars and keeps player cool and gives buffs depending on the berries been used in the ice cream. 21. bait recipes, each dino gets a specific bait recipe that will attract the specific dinosaur to the bait only if the dino is around the area the player put the bait at. 22. incubator, small incubator, medium incubator and large incubator, when eggs reatch 0 it is a won't hatch until the player drops and opens the incubator. 23.ambero holder to put mammals dinosaurs in it for the artificial womb 24. An Artificial womb chamber tek item, it will allow mammals to be grown inside of it, it skip baby fase. 25. Adrenaline hit: when a player HP gets to or below 20% the player gets boost of 40% on speed, stamina And melee. 26. Thunder storm, a storm hits the maps, thunder strikes randomly in the map and the player can harvest thunder energy to have free electricity by building an antenna connect to a electrical generator.
  8. Can u add this dinosaur to the game
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