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  1. Thanks for the answers guys, but as a bonus: What are the best ways to use Dimors for support Dinos? I think using Dimors and something big, like a stegosaurus. They not only look cool, but stego also acts like a tank while Dimors are the shredders
  2. Are Dimorphons good to tame? Hey Guys, I’m just wondering if Dimorphons are a good tame to get (You can discuss both PVE or PVP) I think its good, as a pack, for PVP as an inside base defender because of the space being enclosed. PVE might not be that useful because of it not having many uses in terms of resources. Hope you guys have any other ideas :n
  3. I can’t say I hate the diplo, could be annoying in the wild but with friends and this tame is pretty fun Kept using weapon combos I had (from a previous topic I posted, you can check it out) with the diplo to raid and go battle other tames and it’s pretty fun, trust me :n
  4. The answer to this is simple, some are already specified at my first message: Who are you are fighting? A Battle against all of the enemies tames, IT IS NOT A RAID (I have specified this) Where you are fighting? The Island What terrain? Water Land (Specifically at Redwoods) What tames will be involved? Me vs either A very high lvl Rex or Spino (about lvl 700+), and Very high lvl moss or basil (lvl 700+) What tames will you throw into the fight? -None (I have specified this as well) What is your overall tribe situation? My tribe is medium It is kinda poor, but I’ll say average (can learn guns but only the “Normal” ones) How many warriors do you have? -About 4-5 What kind of battle is it? 1. It is technically Player vs Tame P.S This May be a guideline for you guys but remember I still accept the question that I asked earlier and all replies are welcome :n
  5. Not bad, but how about against aquatic tames? Do you think a compound bow is better than the crossbow? Or just stick to the Harpoon? What combos do you guys suggest for this one? P.S This is just an extra question Edit: If possible, try to elaborate on how to use these combos. Thanks :n
  6. What Weapons to Bring and Strategies to use for a Battle? Hello Community, I made this account to just ask you guys this question, “What is the best and most useful weapons to bring to War?” When I say this I mean any kind, like Combo weapons (such as Bola and Club lol), melee weapons (like sword or pike), and range weapons (like crossbows, compounds, or rifles). To clarify, I want to see what would you guys think is best to bring to a war, meaning a battle against a tribe with tames as strong as Rexes and Spinos. Finally remember that I plan to risk no tames and only use weapons for this battle, IT IS NOT A RAID, and what strategize would you guys suggest. The place is in the Redwoods and Herbivore Island. Good Luck :n P.S I am mainly asking for weapons and strategies for battling (either Rexes or a very Strong Rex like lvl 1000) but if you want you can add armor to the mix.
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