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  1. Thanks for the answers guys, but as a bonus: What are the best ways to use Dimors for support Dinos? I think using Dimors and something big, like a stegosaurus. They not only look cool, but stego also acts like a tank while Dimors are the shredders
  2. Are Dimorphons good to tame? Hey Guys, I’m just wondering if Dimorphons are a good tame to get (You can discuss both PVE or PVP) I think its good, as a pack, for PVP as an inside base defender because of the space being enclosed. PVE might not be that useful because of it not having many uses in terms of resources. Hope you guys have any other ideas :n
  3. I can’t say I hate the diplo, could be annoying in the wild but with friends and this tame is pretty fun Kept using weapon combos I had (from a previous topic I posted, you can check it out) with the diplo to raid and go battle other tames and it’s pretty fun, trust me :n
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