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  1. ADD OCEANIA SMALLTRIBE SERVERS A large amount of arks player base is Australian so it would make sense to add Oceania servers to your most popular cluster? Only 2 per map on smalltribes would be cool. Australians and Oceania players are at a PVP disadvantage towards other players so PLEASE add some.
  2. MAKE TAMING 2x FASTER The one thing I hate about ark is the tame grind early game. It’s like an hour take on a decent pt on mutton and it can die with one compound bow shot. Is that not stupid? Sure only increase the tame speed on certain Dino’s, like a thylacolio, pteranodons, argentavis, Anklyosaurusus and other utility tames. It would make ark better for players who cannot play all day but still want to play on an official server with a big tribe
  3. ARK PS4 OFFICIAL- LIL ECONOMY Starting a tribe on the official servers, must have extinction DLC and some what experienced with game. You must know how to note run to at least level 50 for I am level 50 myself and only just started official. My PSN is FozzyProzzy, if you are to contact me contact me through that psn account. I’m taking anyone that is good I don’t CARE about your age. Are tribe will start when we hit 20 people I’ll create a group chat for everyone that’s added. Expect me to set requirements for you to do things and also expect me to hand down my role as leader if we get bigger because I have school. RULES 1. Must have level 50 character or higher or know how to note run 2. Know how to speak English doesn’t have to be fluent 3. Not be annoying 4. Not be toxic any toxicity will eventually lead to a kick Expectations 1. At least 3 hours a day or playing on weekends a lot 2. Grinding for the team not yourself 3. Help each other out 4. Communicate well 5. Do what you can do How to contact me PSN is FozzyProzzy don’t bother leaving a reply here for I will not see it
  4. Interview I’m 14, Australian Timezone, Breeding, grinding, pvp and just playing the game I’m general. What I’m looking for in a tribe is a large amount of players and a positive attitude and hardly any toxicity. I am willing to put my body on the line for tames, bases, other players and anything you ask me too to save. I will make sure nobody is left behind once I’m settled into the tribe. I left my last tribe because everyone on there was toxic in small tribes and I didn’t wanna play in small tribes anymore because it looked a lot more exciting on official. My psn is FozzyProzzy and my discord is Lachlan1000#6022. To contact me use either PlayStation or discord. Thank you Hope you pick me
  5. Gamertag My gamertag is FozzyProzzy. I’m fourteen and ready to grind whenever I get the chance to. I’m experienced in breeding, won’t LEECH your items, And happy to die for the greater good. Hope you’ll get back to me bae XOXO. P.S also good at following orders and I’m aussy
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