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  1. And more other dinosaurs like stygimoloch dracorex natsutoceratops and olorotitan and perhaps even gardening engrams to be able to plant your own trees
  2. Dinosaur species suggestion Wouldn't it be nice if these four dinosaur species would be added since there's only two kinds of duck billed dinosaurs and three sauropods? These four i think would be perfect candidate dinos ouranosaurus apatosaurus corythosaurus and amargasaurus
  3. Console gamer here too both castles keeps and forts and eco's garden mods would be nice if they were added to console wether it's Xbox one or PS4 or both and some more dinosaur species like brachiosaurus,apatosaurus,corythosaurus, amargasaurus or ouranosaurus since there's only two kinds of duck billed dinosaurs and three sauropods to tame from
  4. How do you start an ark server on a non dedicated server? How do I start an ark server on a non dedicated server online are these servers connected to the single player where you built your base or do you need to start from scratch?
  5. Here's a question how do you transfer a pnt formatted image from pc to Xbox one game of ark?
  6. No problem sorry to confuse you Not only Noah's ark is my only project as a base hyrule castle from breath of the wild is one my ideas of bases and it would be the ultimate base to raid lol but it's a whole lot bigger than the ark it doesn't look quite like it because of the stone walls etc i think it would look more like a castle with CKF mod the castles keeps and forts mod and perhaps even it would reduce lag issues to
  7. In truth it was just an idea suggestion if doesn't work as a build idea i rather just stick to a castle or small or medium house since I'm only playing it on single player lols
  8. Ok here's what I found on Google on the ark boat it's cubic feet size is estimated to be 300 cubits long,50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high that's how long ,wide and high the ark was in history that's pretty big right?
  9. I'll Google it and relay it's actual cubic size but it was big enough to fit many of the animals
  10. Building Noah's ark in ark survival evolved Here's one of my base building ideas how does Noah's ark as a base sound since it had many cubic meters of spaces for each animal species of both gender pairs since there's both genders of each dino and mammal in ark how big exactly was the ark boat in history in order to build it in the exact size with wooden engrams either in survival evolved mode or primitive plus and would it cause lag?
  11. Guardian stalker creature suggestion Hi I'm pretty sure there have been mods like the ark mon which featured Pokemon and I've seen those on YouTube but I'm not sure if they were mentioned on the forum as well but here's a cool looking creature from one of my favorite zelda games that would be impressive as a tamable living turret called guardian stalker if the ark Pokemon mod does exist i wouldn't doubt that a zelda ark would also but it's doubtful that both Nintendo and wild card would ever reach an agreement but i don't see why if a ark nintendo switch version did came out though
  12. What about pnt painting formats that are formatted on the pc and somehow transferred to the Xbox one i believe it's from the pc ark version of the game to the Xbox one version of the game i don't know i have a pc but it's unusable till i get another charging cable cause the one it came with got bitten off by either my mother's dog or a mouse i usually have a mice problem i think these formatted paintings would help me a whole lot better than the free painting on a flag canvas etc because I'm trying to paint the zelda triforce banner symbol of the castle but it does not work with the free paint it's too dark
  13. Does that explain the glitches in primitive plus one issue i ran into when playing primitive plus was when I enable and disable creative mode the plus bed gets duped in the engrams i tried reporting that issue but if it's abandoned as you said then there's no fixing with any updates right? And as for CKF there's no chance of it coming to consoles and i would have to use the pc version of ark to play those mods? I've also seen people transferring custom. Pnt format paintings from pc to Xbox one but I don't know
  14. Castles keeps and forts mod ever coming to consoles? Hi all I know so far that the castles keeps and forts mod in short CKF is still a PC mod and not yet on consoles and I'm still working on my hyrule castle from breath of the wild build but it creates lag in the process and i got a reply that the CKF helps reduce lag because it has larger walls and plus it's even got a more castle authentic feel to it that would make my hyrule castle from breath of the wild building a dream come true but I'm still wondering if it will one day make its way to consoles from pc just like it did with primitive plus and also ecos mod that either isn't on the consoles yet too that one's also wanted
  15. Ark on mobile compatibility Hi i want to know what version of Android or iPhone mostly android for me is ark mobile compatible with?
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