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  1. yeah it looks awesome on pc I've seen vids on youtube and I wanted it build this castle and reduce stone engram usage
  2. Castles keeps and forts mod? Hi I'm still wandering if this CKF mod is ever going to be released for consoles since not everyone is a PC gamer yes i have a pc but it needs more ram to be able to play ark from either steam or Windows store plus on console is much easier to build and tame the announcement of crystal isles is good news but both eco's and CKF mods would be also better any idea how can i get in touch or contact with the ckf mod author wether it's on discord or comment on steam regarding this question?
  3. If that's so does that have to do with WC not adding the pc mods of ark like CKF and eco's mods on the console? Sheesh I've been hoping for those to be added in recent updates and not a thing lols
  4. What was so bad about the game that wc just decided to push it aside with no intent of updating it and dlc and leaving you with just one map and no new dinos and terrible graphics was it the console running in Nvidia's hardware processors or they just gave up? i mean the game was released in 2018 about two years ago lol
  5. Any updates or dlc on the Nintendo switch? Hi i have a somehow. Complicated question to ask if there are any of the above dlc such as abberation and the like as well as updates on the Nintendo switch in the future or there are none due to the switch having a low graphics of it's processors and latent load times?
  6. dino transfer hi I,m on the genesis part and I wanted to know if I could transfer genesis dins to the regular arks via tek transmitters or they just in the genesis maps?
  7. Trilobites disappearing when releasing them from fish baskets Ok I'm having this issue that's causing trilobites to disappear when i release them from fish baskets this is on the Xbox one any idea why is this going in and can it be fixed?
  8. And more other dinosaurs like stygimoloch dracorex natsutoceratops and olorotitan and perhaps even gardening engrams to be able to plant your own trees
  9. Dinosaur species suggestion Wouldn't it be nice if these four dinosaur species would be added since there's only two kinds of duck billed dinosaurs and three sauropods? These four i think would be perfect candidate dinos ouranosaurus apatosaurus corythosaurus and amargasaurus
  10. Console gamer here too both castles keeps and forts and eco's garden mods would be nice if they were added to console wether it's Xbox one or PS4 or both and some more dinosaur species like brachiosaurus,apatosaurus,corythosaurus, amargasaurus or ouranosaurus since there's only two kinds of duck billed dinosaurs and three sauropods to tame from
  11. How do you start an ark server on a non dedicated server? How do I start an ark server on a non dedicated server online are these servers connected to the single player where you built your base or do you need to start from scratch?
  12. Here's a question how do you transfer a pnt formatted image from pc to Xbox one game of ark?
  13. No problem sorry to confuse you Not only Noah's ark is my only project as a base hyrule castle from breath of the wild is one my ideas of bases and it would be the ultimate base to raid lol but it's a whole lot bigger than the ark it doesn't look quite like it because of the stone walls etc i think it would look more like a castle with CKF mod the castles keeps and forts mod and perhaps even it would reduce lag issues to ?
  14. In truth it was just an idea suggestion if doesn't work as a build idea i rather just stick to a castle or small or medium house since I'm only playing it on single player lols
  15. Ok here's what I found on Google on the ark boat it's cubic feet size is estimated to be 300 cubits long,50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high that's how long ,wide and high the ark was in history that's pretty big right?
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