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  1. Any future updates on the switch version of ark? Hi I was wondering what the admin logging is for actually the only thing I read about it's that it's for admin commands and stuff but the rest I don't know so what is it for? they're in the settings and part of it
  2. How come this happens when in creative mode and flying around because you can fly faster when pressing and holding LB on the PS4 controller what I mean is that when you're standard still in game and when you press the ps button it pauses the game but when you're flying holding LB and press the ps button again it doesn't pause the game? This happens to me accidentally and I even accidentally keep holding the LB and pressing the ps button to resume the game it's not paused but continue to fly faster I don't know why the PS4 does this but the Xbox one does not do that even if you were flying and pressed the guide button when holding the LB it pauses and not continues flying is it because both consoles are different or could it be a glitch?
  3. Hi I've seen videos on YouTube about the castles keeps and forts mod is this a PC sponsored mod and if it is would this mod make it's way to PS4 and Xbox one because I've been building Hyrule Castle from breath of the wild out of wooden stone walls ceilings floors pillars and whatnot and it doesn't look like it much but the castles keeps and forts would what does anyone think of the Hyrule Castle idea?
  4. Makes sense I'm actually new to this game and forum and the game's mechanics are pretty alien so placing certain items in troughs fridges cooking pots and what type of items that are placed in those specific storages are also confusing
  5. Ark waterskins in feeding troughs?? Hi I'm playing ark on the PS4 in single player and I've started noticing that waterskins can be placed in feeding troughs is this a glitch or can they be used for feeding troughs I've used them on water taps cooking pots only but in feeding troughs? Same thing also occurs with cooking pots also storing wooden walls etc
  6. Ark connection termination message Hi I've started to play ark survival evolved and been playing it since now I have a question has anyone here experienced a message saying that your connection to ark survival evolved was terminated please try again later this started on Thursday when it updated and it only happens when either my PS4 goes in rest mode or when using Spotify to listen to music during game when I use Spotify it suspends the game meanwhile but when getting back to it it gives me that message and I'm only playing single player is this happening to anyone playing ark on the PS4 when your console goes in rest mode or using a music app like spotty?
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