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  1. Not saying to be ungrateful, just saying the stuff to come sooner then later is more important why mention a map you can't touch months ahead when there's supposed to be a release in days. Wouldn't play if I didint enjoy it I'd assume the rest as well just would like a proper warning the last events of the year to enjoy before they forget about the game entirely.
  2. Hopefully we get info before the day of, sucks to see it all end this year Hopefully we get the info today and they just forgot or wasnt finished. Goodluck everyone.
  3. How about you understand how it feels for them to always tell you 2 months from now crap but can't tell you stuff supposed to happen within days that's a huge issue there the only game in history to always push future crap instead of what's coming soon are we gonna start ark 3 trailers when 2 isn't even released?
  4. How about we get rid of this update and trade it in for event details far more important then another skin that don't matter. Nice to get updates but can we just get an actual notice for the first time days before the event not a day or 2?
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