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  1. There are also wild fire wyverns spawning in the wasteland on extinction ive never seen any wild non-croupeted wyverns on extinction
  2. Will yall ever fix the tek bridge It still wont snap to anything and drops in 12hrs Could you atleast extend the decay timer they are useless now because of snap being removed For info My system: Ark on xbox 1 all expansion packs owned official pve server
  3. 1 hour ago, xihphor said: Ya the last couple ive tamed have been ridiculous first was 20 min per feeding second was 35 min each feeding both are longer then dododex shows for the entire tame and thats only to add the next kibble its crazy
  4. Does anyone bother to read what the community crunch actually says or does everyone just like to complain It says 2x taming 3 lines below 2x breeding Increased rates to 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation) Increased rates to 2X Player XP Increased rates to 2X Harvesting Increased rated to 2X Taming
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