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  1. Yes how i've tamed mine, thought everyone knew why i just left it lol
  2. I have tamed one earlier so i know for a fact its possible thats not the question its just the weird inaccuracy. What Luewen said just above i can see as being true, especcially because theres not that many on the map and everyone wants one so i can see it being possible.
  3. The position i found it, i could imagine someone using a skiff because i play on official pve its impossible to build inside. I found it stuck on a rock which i just assumed it spawned in a weird spot
  4. I tamed one about a week ago so i know for a fact it's possible!
  5. Are X-Rock Elementals Broken? I have knocked out a lvl 140 X-Rock Elemental but it is not eating. I have let it drain 400 food but it has not eaten anything, i put kibble on it to tame but also put stone incase the kibble was broken. Anyone have a fix or is it done in?
  6. I had a Pink Mutated Spino named Pistachio Nut
  7. I wonder if this ??? and the previous ??? are one and the same creature. It can morph from one form to another, we have already seen it with the teased ice creature so its not unheard of
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