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  1. I have an update on the windows store! just cchecked now. 83MB
  2. This is the biggest lack in update/information i think i have ever seen from wildcard - literally no update to so many people who have no access to the game
  3. hm if you wear a tek helmet and activate it to see hostiles, the bee will change colour between Green/Yellow/Red - i believe you can only tame it/feed it when it is green. i used cactus broth last time as the issue seems to be agro range. with high movement speed and cactus broth would just run at it spamming the feed button.
  4. seems that wildcard has updated ark on their serves, but the patch was not rolled out to PC to download. If wildcard or Microsoft fault - who knows cause wildcard are not updating anyone!!! so probably your ark game is a different version so it doesnt match with wildcard and therefore you have no servers!
  5. Bumb, anyone found a solution yet?
  6. There is a terminal somewhere isn’t there? I think I saw a video in the bog which looked like a traditional blue orb/terminal. Buuut I can’t really remember
  7. I am on official pvp and what we did was use rockdrakes with 2.5k stamina to stealth walk down to the next section. (You can try jump if feeling brave) I had a scoped rifle to lure the giga into the lava towards the end. then we podded up the drakes and did the overseer on foot - no dino’s! our kit per person (6 people) was; full primitive tek suite otter for warmth custom food and water 100 med brews 15 cactus broth 15 element each max damage shot guns 1k shotgun ammo each the tactic was; as you get into the overseer room, eat a cac
  8. CROSS ARK 5 (ORP) going for Alpha ascensions Hi all, have a tribe on Cross ark 5-EU offline raid protection. We have a good relationship with the Alphas and we are the largest beta tribe. We have all we need to actually give a proper crack at the alpha ascensions and we really want to get it done. There is a good core of about 5 of us that grind out and make things happen, then we have more members that just like to raise things or look for pvp opportunities. So if anyone is interested hit me up here and we can discuss. Getting to lvl 100 really doesn’t take long wi
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