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  1. Mek pistol range broken? So tonight on genesis a tribe used prim meks to mek our tames were places behind our tek and heavy turret defences the damage was very high but what we can’t understand is the range of the pistol. It was well past our turrets set on high. Double the distance possibly even. that hasn’t always been the case right? official ORP crossark Server
  2. Bumb, anyone found a solution yet?
  3. There is a terminal somewhere isn’t there? I think I saw a video in the bog which looked like a traditional blue orb/terminal. Buuut I can’t really remember
  4. I am on official pvp and what we did was use rockdrakes with 2.5k stamina to stealth walk down to the next section. (You can try jump if feeling brave) I had a scoped rifle to lure the giga into the lava towards the end. then we podded up the drakes and did the overseer on foot - no dino’s! our kit per person (6 people) was; full primitive tek suite otter for warmth custom food and water 100 med brews 15 cactus broth 15 element each max damage shot guns 1k shotgun ammo each the tactic was; as you get into the overseer room, eat a cactus broth and use the tek suit to fly to the top of his arena. This way the defence bots on the ground don’t attack you and because of the cactus broth - the flying ones don’t really either. If you do agro one - speed off or just shoot it twice. ever so often: land and eat another cactus broth and custom food and water / med brew etc! Keep your vitals topped up. fly around the room shotgunning him and Ignore his defence bots/adds. the only phase you have to be a bit carful on is when he changes to the monkey as the boulder he throws could one shot you/your armour. take your time - take it easy - concentrate on your vitals and agro and making sure you don’t shotgun one of your tribe zooming around. Simple kill! much easier than the alpha dragon on island!! I tried the above tactic on single player spawning everything in - I did manage to solo it with about 5k ammo and 20-30 minutes of shooting. other notes; the red Lazer beam doesn’t damage you or your armour. It also does not make you land. killing the defence bots makes the overseer spawn more of them - while he is spawning them, he becomes invulnerable.. so the more you kill the longer the fight will go on for
  5. Alpha dragon(the island) Meta Hi all, seems like most of the threads on this topic are fairly old. I’m running up to the alpha tek cave and have every strategy figured out except this fight. my understanding is it got a lot more difficult after an old patch. the strategy that I am leaning on based on all my research is this; Dinos; 18 theri - 1 pig - 1 yuti (Theri’s with 21k hp and the rest melee - like around 700 melee) Gear; ascendant flak, 298dmg shotguns consumables; cactus broth, med brews, veg cake method; air phase; 3x theri riders that just guard the others at all times from adds, the other 15 theri’s stay with the pig and yuti for healing. ground phase; half of the theri’s whistled to attack the dragon, half of then stay back with the pig for passive healing coupled with vegi cake. air phase; 3x theri guards protect the others theri hoard on pig for healing. Pig rider changes whilst group on the other half of theri’s people on foot using cactus broth to minimise agro. ground phase; other half of theri’s sent in to attack while the first their group stays with pig to keep healing - all players shooting repeat until dead. just wondering I guess if anyone had had more recent experiences or tactics.
  6. Here we go fyi - I did this with 10 people on official offline raid protection EU server this last Sunday. worked really well. The back tentacles can be hard to hit but what we did was just run up to the sides to get line of sight.. even if it meant pulling one or two reapers - the die so quick. 2x set of asc flak all pieces 700 dura plus 298 damage shotguns 500 rounds each 1 light pets each 10 cactus broth and med brews. perfect run, so easy! had about 150-200 rounds left over. Flak was a bit scuffed up afree tail spun by reaper. i think it might be handy to have melee weapon to harvest the reaper bodies as when they die the seem to disappear but you can’t walk where they died - but when another reaper tail spun it seemed to clear up the dead invisible corpses.
  7. I found a video online which showed some people doing the Alpha on official .. the method they used was to go in on foot with light pets and cactus broth. you stand right in front of Rockwell on the bridge type area. You might get the odd reaper that comes down on you but they go down rly quickly with 6+ shot gunning it. you shotgun all the tentacles and just plow in to him, rinse and repeat. I tried it on gamma to make sure the tactic is legit and it was such a walk in the park. The only struggle was hitting the tentacles behind him. It’s really hard to get a shot on them, you can but it’s tricky. So I though that if I took the tek chestpiece and boots I could jus jump up to get some height to hit the ones in the back!
  8. Hey - did you ever try this in the end? I’m going to be doing Alpha Rockwell this coming Sunday (on official) and having the jet pack would really help our strategy which basically all on foot with cactus broth!
  9. CROSS ARK 5 (ORP) going for Alpha ascensions Hi all, have a tribe on Cross ark 5-EU offline raid protection. We have a good relationship with the Alphas and we are the largest beta tribe. We have all we need to actually give a proper crack at the alpha ascensions and we really want to get it done. There is a good core of about 5 of us that grind out and make things happen, then we have more members that just like to raise things or look for pvp opportunities. So if anyone is interested hit me up here and we can discuss. Getting to lvl 100 really doesn’t take long with broth of enlightenment and farming red drops. We have lines of most dino’s (theri’s need a bit of work)
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