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  1. GAME BROKEN GAME BROKEN Here after 4 months on all servers possible and unimaginable we have still been destroyed by meshers, just the 4th time in 4 months impossible to build a base, you may have the best defense possible, a guy low lvl who made a other account just for mesh will destroy you in 2 min that you tried to protect in 4 months. I want to say that with 3500 of game time, and not once a server alpha or whatever because people mesh us before. So I want to say for all players wanting to play, this game is worthless, it should be free so there's a bug in the game, the cards are not finished, you can lose dinos in the mesh or just they disappear a lot of other things are to add but it would take 500 pages to say it all. Not to mention the developer who despite that you inform them that you are attacked in a normal way "mesh", after 2 weeks tell you "we will put this case in our archives we will contact you again, thank you" after losing 2 times your base . Here after trying to take over again and again, after buying all the DLC, 80 euros for nothing in the end. SO I WANT TO SAY "WILCARD FIXED YOUR GAME". 100% GAME BROKEN (RAGE) WITH NO INAPPROPIATE LANGUAGE
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