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  1. Yes, I really found that very disappointing. What a shame!
  2. Here in Saxony it's still summer time, so we should have it by 19 hundred. When do we start, when do we start, when do we start! 👻
  3. In old Germany today is October 26th. 12:00 noon! When does it start? When does it start? When does it start? Will it take a long time?
  4. What did you expect? Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny? I don't know of any game that reinvents itself every year because of an event. I look forward to it. 3x XP, harvesting, taming, and breeding. And ExtraLife on November 6th! Yes, my God, what else do you want? Please go to the other WoW kids and leave us alone with your whining ...
  5. What a poor bunch! No EVO - whine, EVO without breeding - whine! EVO + ExtraLife - complain too! I also enjoy breeding, but there is still so much to do. It's not an EVO - no problem! Can I FINALLY do all those things that I have left behind for weeks or months. - finally complete my port on Valguero, - modernize the pirate base on Extinction, - finally realize my underwater base on the island, - build an improved space whale trap in the generational spaceship, - and and and ... i can think of a lot of damn things that I've wanted to do for a long time. I've been playing the damn game for four damn years and I keep feeling like I'll never finish my damn projects!
  6. Extra Life is REALLY, REALLY cool! I'm already looking forward to it. To be able to help AND to be able to gamble!
  7. And again there’s enough of complaining! 3x XP and 3x farms! I think it's great because I can concentrate on ONE thing and don't have to work with the baby as well. Thanks, WC!
  8. When does it start, when does it start, when does it start?
  9. I don't know why (almost) everyone here is just crying? I just can't understand. I've been playing the game for 3 years and have almost 4000 hours in my account. I play it with my wife and children. It's a wonderful family game where we ALL have a lot of fun over and over again. We take a lot of time with everything and don't have to be the best and the greatest. It's a game, it has flaws, it can't be perfect. It's a program - every program has bugs. Yes, a dinosaur will disappear one day. Yes, there were two - three bugs. My goodness, yes, one or the other server was offline for a few hours. Even half a day ... But there was NEVER anything that ruined our fun. The pleasure of the game breaks us down. The really worst thing in the game (as in most other games) is much more the other players. There are so many assholes out there. Very often that is really poor. Many children for whom nothing goes fast enough, who have no patience and calm. Best example: No patience for Genesis2 or ARK2. Young people (and also older ones) who only know one thing: To have to be the boss on the PvE (!) Server. And a lot of stupid and disrespectful ones. This is often the ONLY thing that destroys the fun of the game. I just say: keep it up Wildcard! ARK is a great game, with a lot of great features and an exciting story. If Genesis 2 lasts until the end of the year, then so be it. If ARK 2 only comes in 2 years, that's fine with me. Sorry, my English is not very good, I'm from Germany. But I absolutely had to get rid of it here.
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