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  1. This game is a really big waste of time I spent the last two weeks playing only to be offline raided everyday. I eventually got to the point where I would take my blueprints an tames an put em in the ob. It’s the only way to keep anything you’ve worked hard to get. Well today I decided to leave em in the ob, farewell pigeot an sexy rexy. You can’t play this solo, you have to join a tribe but I did just that an got kicked after hours of watching someone else’s babies an taming stuff for them. Single player seems to just wipe itself after every update smh. I love this game but absolutely can’t stand it’s toxic player base an it’s unbalanced game. If you are literally starting today, read this comment an think to yourself is there any other way I could spend this time. The answer is yes, they say hell is repetition that would explain why I feel like I’m in hell when I play this game cause it’s literally me gathering stuff for another tribe only for them to collect it right after it says ballin LilMill has left the ark.
  2. Could you all fix single player? Like why is it single player still runs like crap? It kills me this team is milking it’s little player base for everything before actually fixing real problems. I’m sure this will get deleted cause they prolly can’t take criticism. But it literally needs to be said. The worst problem about this game is never getting the opportunity to build up before you even get a chance to fight back. While I’m slaving away on 1x thru the week people in the alpha tribe take that away in meet seconds the moment it says I left ark. The player base is toxic as hell. I didn’t respond to dude so he killed my animals an then I ask why an he says to get your attention? The bugs in this game is overwhelming at times but I still thru it. The only ppl that play this comsistently are stoners so they cope with constant kicking, meshing an duping that still happens. Like I said they don’t care they need more money an are clinging to the Xbox game pass an oh look genesis for get that we still have bugs an buy our content so we can stay a float. No I’m not buying this stuff like I did aberration an extinction. I’m done contributing to the little kid player base.
  3. Serious question an I’m not gonna yell scream kick or cry, Im genuinely aquiring about a slight decrease in time for taming an breeding. I seriously love the game although I do find myself saying fml about 100 times while playing it lol the game already consumes majority of free time. But during the week 1times is grueling an frustrating on official, if we could even get 1.5 during the week an maybe 2.5 every other week I feel ppl would be more inclined to play or wouldn’t drive newcomers away. First impressions are everything an someone new comes in they are discouraged immediately by these times maybe not breeding but taming for sure. I find nothing wrong with tame times for gigas or rock element but tame times for a pithicus or Thylo or even a carno is too long for something that could get killed the moment it’s tamed. I love y’all, I just want the game to be great. So plz consider or even entertain the thought for a week or two an see how it works.
  4. I’ve been a long time supporter of this game, own all the dlc except scorched earth. With that being said the grind an taming speed on 1x has gotten to me an some of my friends. It shouldn’t take 4 hrs to tame a dire bear or anything that is worth something. There needs to be something done about this, ppl have jobs an lives. Revert back to the old kibble I prefer that WAY better. I lost a 301 mel cause the servers kept kicking me an not letting me join. When I finally joined a tribe killed me an my Mek. Will ark team make things right, nope. This game screams not to be played on 1x or if your trying to build up. Like I said I played a lot over 100 hrs put in but I feel my time is coming to a end. I love the game an just want some type of change that’ll maybe things bearable. I’m done till there’s some type of event that actually instill some kinda fun back into the game.
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