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  1. PIN CODE TEK GENERATOR With the upcoming tek alarm it would be great if you could automatically turn on a tek generator. Imagine the scenario where an enemy approaches and your generator automatically turns on to power your turrets thereby eliminating their ability to shoot out your electrical cables. This would have the benefit of needing to run the tek generator all the time.
  2. MAKE WHIP WORK ON TEK BOXES It would be great to unload a large volume, but not all, items stored in a TEK storage box and whip them together. Currently you eject them they spin on top of the box and you have to pick them one by one while praying you don't accidentally load the box back up with what you took.
  3. Totally agree. Hardcore mode is the best!!!!
  4. I agree. The number one reason we die in hard core mode is events surrounding a DC.
  5. Valguero hardcore for Xbox is now open and transfers enabled.
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