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  • Open Tribe  ·  6 members

    PVE Recruiting PS4 PVE we are currently a 5 man tribe and looking for new members, we are quite small and have a small wooden base with our dinos surrounding it (PSN: Lboufarachan) (ISLAND PVE EUROPE 110). We are planning to go through each ark when we are ready such as extinction,scorched, aberration and ragnarok. We will also mess with valguero mainly to get the special golems and deinonychus. Despite this you don't necessarily need the dlcs to join as you can help at the island and the other free maps once we are ready.

  • Open Tribe  ·  2 members

    We have recently moved to rag and have yet to establish a permanent base we are a small tribe 5 members with our strongest dino being a bronto there are no requirements to join except being someone who plays somewhat frequently (At least 2 days a week) Contact my PSN (PSN: lboufarachan) we are on EU PVE RAG 377

  • Public Tribe

    We are a newly emerging tribe based on ragnarok, we live in a thatch house and wish to expand through new tribe mates a mic is not necessarily. The serve is pve and we would prefer fairly active tribe mates. a predone character is not necessary either. This is a European server too. PM my psn for more details [PSN: lboufarachan]. I plan to face the bosses and transfer to genesis and extinction when we are ready.
  • Open Tribe  ·  3 members

    This is the main tribe group of The Cree anyone accepted from the other tribe please join this one as the other is just for recruitment Pm for more info (PSN: lboufarachan)

  • Open Tribe  ·  1 member

    We are an official rag PVE and are newly emerging there are little to no requirements to join a mic is Not needed but preferred and new players are allowed

  • Open Tribe  ·  2 members

    We are a 2 man tribe starting out on genesis we currently live on a raft in the ocean biome and are looking for more tribemates, We would prefer active players with mics but not necessary, We currently at the point where we have a smithy and are looking for our first utility tames. If your interested in joining msg my psn which is lboufarachan (The first letter is a lower case L)

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