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  1. Hopefully was on a stalker fighting a kapro
  2. U may be look at the top time in the box on the right theres two timers and the lower one is the actually time which is a bit less
  3. Nothing you can really do their quite rare sometimes if ur on singleplayer use "destroywilddinos" hope that helps. If not I find quite a lot on ragnarok
  4. PS4 Official rag recruitment Looking tribemates as we are a small 3 man tribe currently message my PSN if interested [PSN: lboufarachan]
  5. assuming you are still looking? does the progress matter. Cos we are currently a 3 man tribe on pve official rag. If u want to join my psn is lboufarachan. I know you said small tribe but I mean like a wood base with not many dinos yet but already got flak and investing in making guns and bullets
  6. Raptors cannot drag you off a drake pretty sure megalos cant either
  7. Yeah it should this is a current issue which I believe is a bug (but a small one at that)
  8. A better way to contact them is by putting in a support ticket rather then in this forum. This is for more general issues and bugs. To mainly inform others
  9. These are currently working for me. Maybe u need to land the killing blow? Were you fighting them with allied tribes?
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