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  1. Raptors cannot drag you off a drake pretty sure megalos cant either
  2. Yeah it should this is a current issue which I believe is a bug (but a small one at that)
  3. A better way to contact them is by putting in a support ticket rather then in this forum. This is for more general issues and bugs. To mainly inform others
  4. These are currently working for me. Maybe u need to land the killing blow? Were you fighting them with allied tribes?
  5. Was insided and dinosaur took A person joined our tribe and has took a Rex argi and velonosaur
  6. That's just how it is hopefully it gets changed.
  7. Not sure what to say except hope to god that the ticket gets seen and actually addressed. Was it a server which has been listed to be deleted? Try and get to a structure you know of to see if it is a mislabelled server and if none it may have been relabelled
  8. PS4 Transfers Does anyone have an idea when roughly they will be reactivated? thx in advance
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