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  1. until they do maintenance what ever time that is i dont remember
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    Alliance i am unable to ally anyone know a fix? the symbol wont even show for the options
  4. PlayNation Small Tribes Hey everyone! We have just started a new server for those wishing to have a relaxed competitive PvP environment, with out worrying about if the alphas are going to wipe you today or not. We are a boosted rate server who follows the official server rules with a goal to have a large active community. There will be no transferring so everyone has to start off on the same playing field but with dedication and play time you can reach a high level in no time. Once the server gets populated there will be events every week giving everyone a chance to win great prizes. Most important answer to a common question is there will be no free dinos, kits, or levels given out to anyone. Thank you, hope to see you on the server Server Name: PlayNation SmallTribes on Medium Na DIscord: https://discord.gg/EKgGP7K
  5. @WarDrumJordan are the transfers still down the server i am on says its still down on that server
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