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  1. So, if we are 10 peoples ist harder than we are 2 peoples ?
  2. Alpha Dragon on Island Hey yo, I heard the Alpha Dragon is getting harder, as much peoples are coming with. Is that true? and is the Island Dragon harder than on other Maps? Thanks for help
  3. and when its not broken anymore ? x)
  4. Well, how can i place it then?
  5. Tek Bridge placing Hey guys, i Need help with placing tek Bridge on The Island Pve. I placed stonepillars and want to snap the tek Bridge on it but it doesnt work. (Look Screenshot) The Bridge is green but when i wanna place it, it doesnt work. What am i doing wrong ? or how can i place it there. Thanks for help
  6. Placing Pillars Hey guys, is it allowed to place pillars arround a base that he cant build anymore at a pve Server? And when hes Building at a spawnpoint and is Blocking farmways ?
  7. So would it be worth it ?
  8. Topic Gacha! Hey Guys! do u know what use the craftsmanship have? Is it that he can drop Crystals faster or that he can drop more colored Crystals? Thats for help
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