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  1. oh really look at my edit on my post cause now im more specific.
  2. no crystal dino spawns on PS4 console not really sure about xbox one or switch but anyways for the PS4 Platform there is no crystal rockdrakes spawning on the map magmasuars and otters cause there is supposed to be all of them and dont correct me cause there totally is.
  3. I hear no Main Menu Music for The new summer bash event okay the update on PS4 is fine except i hear no main menu music for the summer bash event on that platform and my main menu music isn't even disabled so it's definitely a Bug on this platform so @Wildcard please fix this bug
  4. wow i cant wait for crystal isles to release as a official map onto consoles and pc reeeeee and keep up the amazing @Wildcard and take al the time you need to make the map stable as possible
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