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  1. but can i breed 2 lvl 450s together and they both have 450 points into a specific stat can i get both stats on a baby?
  2. question about breeding so if i breed a lvl 450 giga with 450 points into melee and breed another 450 giga with 450 points into HEALTH then will by baby have 900 points but still be a lvl 450?
  3. question about giga breeding is it smart to breed health into gigas?
  4. so i will get over 20/20 on right or what?
  5. Question about mutation stacking alright so im breeding a giga line. iv been breeding with 0/0 females and just replacing the male every time i get a new damage mutation. im at the point where its stacked to 20/20 on the right side and 0/0 on the left side and i assume that's because of the females or something so how do i progress further?
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