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  1. Why can I not join my friend on genesis ps4?
  2. I think I might be downloading something I have a 36 gb download
  3. Honestly I love this game so much but the community that does nothing but complain gets on my nerves so much. I have been reading the comments on almost every post after genesis was announced and I have seen everyone screaming for a release date. Now they have given us what we want please be more greatful for a great game. Yes it has bugs and glitches but it is still a game I come back to daily and have fun no matter what.
  4. The new genesis picture kind of looks like a Star Wars pod racer, does anyone else see this.
  5. I checked out Arron Longstaff and some of his builds are amazing thank you so much for the tip
  6. Nice design although I primarily use lumber, wood, thatch, and stone
  7. Thank you for the tip I will make sure to look them up Are there any specific ones I should check out?
  8. Pve Base designs I really have a hard time finding good pve base designs so post your pictures so I can use them for reference. Thanks
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