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  1. Pro-tip: only raise babies on x1 and pod them when they are about to be ready for imprint. Then uncryo for imprint during 3.5x for biig imprint boost while baby is still young. If baby can fit in roo pouch, even better.
  2. Honestly I think they need to just need to completely redo how taming Bloodstalkers works. They had it good at one point, then made it literally hundreds of blood bags, and then made it even worse by now having us need to sacrifice tames AND THEN spend hundreds of blood packs. I propose a new method that is more fair and less time consuming while still balanced, although this would require them to make it to where you can eat food and drink while grabbed: Let a Bloodstalker reel you in. Once it starts sucking your blood, start eating narcotics or drink beer. Once you are knocked out, the Bloodstalker will continue to suck your blood, but will instead start to suck the torpor and pass out. THEN you feed it blood packs. Maybe the max for a wild 150 could be like 400, I think that's fair. Also baby bloodstalkers should just eat blood packs for imprints. Makes sense for them to like who they get a taste of lol
  3. I like it, I just wish it offered carry weight reduction for all harvested resources instead of just a few like metal, stone, wood, etc. I was mostly excited for being able to efficiently and quickly gather obsidian only to learn that you don't get weight reduction for it...only a select few materials.
  4. Suggestion: New water tame - The Surograssum! Hello, this is a suggestion I have for a new creature that I feel would be HIGHLY beneficial to exist within the game. This creature would be highly beneficial and fills a niche that the game could definitely benefit from. Helena's notes: Deep within the waters of the ARK dwells the gentle giant Phyllopteryx Gigaphilos. Appearing to be a distant evolutionary descendant of Phycodurus Equs, this benevolent behemoth has no natural predators and does not appear to have any defensive abilities whatsoever. Rivaling Basilosaurus in size, its massive stature should make land traversal an impossibility. Yet, Phyllopteryx Gigaphilos has been observed to rarely crawl onto the shore, heaving its entire mass out of the water to bask in the sun. It is here that we studied this magnificent beast's amazing biology; all over the creature's back are several large orifices that expand and contract with its breathing. These orifices appear to be individual pouches intended for their young, but Phyllopteryx Gigaphilos does not seem to mind caring for the young of other animals, or even carrying survivors. In fact, those who have ridden in their pouch to come back feeling rejuvenated and well-rested, even after only a few minutes! Domesticated: Originally, I imagined a creature of this nature would lack the intelligence required to tame, but I have recently begun hearing reports of tribes who have managed to tame one by leaving fertilized eggs on its pouches while it rested on the beach. It eventually returned to the water and came back with several young dinos and an affinity the survivors who gave them the eggs. Young dinos that spent time in these pouches seem to be as healthy as ever, and receive all the care they while in them. Tribes that love to breed and raise livestock would view these animals as the ultimate nanny! The Surograssum is intended to be a utility tame for endgame breeders, and is essentially an upgrade to the Procoptodon. Using the holes in its back, it can hold up to 6 babies at once and can hold into them for twice as long as the Procoptodon can, including aquatic tames. When on land, they move incredibly slow and have a "water" meter in place of oxygen. While they can last a considerably long amount of time outside of the water, they will eventually need to return to fill them meter. If it is on land, any pouches containing water tames will be closed, and when in water, pouches containing land tames will close. The Surograssum gets a 90% weight reduction on all food items, and also acts as a living trough. It has a very slow metabolism so most of the food goes to the other animals within range, although any babies inside its pouches are prioritized first. Just like the Procoptodon, babies inside the pouches will have decreased food rates and will received double imprint affinity. On its radial menu is an option which will cause it to refuse to eat unless remotely fed, giving all of its food to babies and other tames. When saddled up, the Surograssum has no offensive capabilities except for a single non-damaging attack. When the attack button is held down, it will suck in tons of water, and when the button is released, it blasts itself backwards to quickly escape potential threats. On land, this attack instead shoots a stream of water that pushes back and deters attackers. It also has a turret mode which will allow it to use this ability autonomously to defend babies and other tames.
  5. I would very much like to see them bring back the ability for flyers to carry wild animals in PvE. I know it was removed to prevent griefing, but there's gotta be a better way. I think the best way to go about it would be to force flyers to automatically drop wild animals if they fly within enemy territory, and the dropped creature ignores any players or tames for a limited amount of time or unless it is attacked first. I don't know much about programming, but I imagine it could easily be done by tweaking the same code used for placing structures near enemy territory and offline protection.
  6. Welcome to the 1,000,000th TLC idea thread! Title says all, let's just jump right in. Carno: First off, change up the model to make their heads rounder. Their heads were straight-up spheres. Make them have a charge attack like the Wooly Rhino but not maybe as powerful, but they can get a pack buff. Also, they were essentially the dino-equivalent to cheetahs, so let's make em hella fast, let em jump and have a charge leap, and let them be able to turn on a dime and also able to turn while standing still. Megalosaurus: Give it its own animations instead of just using dilophasaurs animations. Also if they're going to have a sleep mechanic. Might as well flesh that out. Make them have a special damage percentage mechanic that scales with time of day; at noon they are the weakest, and at midnight they are at their strongest. Also at night, they could get a special perk where they are undetectable by parasaurs and tek helmet scan and also shield the rider. Terror bird: jfc it's hideous, give it a new model. That's it. I don't care about these things but I hate the way they look. Giga: First up, make it smaller. Not too much, just a bit to where it's not absurdly massive. Also, its roar needs an ability, I think it could maybe be useful as a crowd control ability that blows people back. The closer they are being enraged, the more powerful the roar is. Also, the enrage meter is now a meter at the bottom center of the HUD so it's a bit more noticeable. Lastly, they could have a stomp ability that creates a shockwave. Any player or dino caught in this will get a new "tremored" debuff which prevents them from being able to sprint for a few seconds. Mosasaur: Now has a swimming charge attack that can damage structures and can breach out of the water. Now can deal "trample damage" by landing on players and rafts when they breach. Also cannot be grabbed by Tusos like Basilo and no longer dismounts players when they get shocked by jellyfish. Basilosaurus: Can also breach like mosa but this instead damages on the ascent rather than the fall, so you can use them to attack rafts from undernearth. Also have a new ability when swimming at the surface where they spray water to create obscuring clouds of mist Rock Elemental: Their rock throwing now does torpor damage (as much as a catapult turret) but cannot inflict torpor on other rock elementals. Also, they most have stones in their inventory to use this new ability, using 50 stone per attack. Also, make them breedable. To breed, one must be encumbered with stone. Then bring another elemental within its vicinity and they will mate. Babies are born incredibly frail and don't have a rock shell yet, and must be fed Sulphur. Once it reaches juvenile, the female will start "constructing" the rock shell around the offspring. Lastly, they can now "defecate" piles of sand. Mantis: Can now climb surfaces and can glide. Also, make them faster and breedable. Breeding requires to male and female to be on aggressive, then mating enabled. The female will have a "stress" meter that appears along with the mating meter. If anything comes within aggro radius (including tribe tames and players), the stress meter will go up. Once the mating is finished, the female will lay a stationary egg sack that will lay 2-4 babies. If the stress meter reaches max before they finish, she will kill and eat the male and the egg sack will instead have 1-3 babies, with one of the babies guaranteed to be an exact copy of the father. Lymantria: Can now climb walls and ceilings, passively create silk in their inventories and their spores now deal torpor. Also, now breedable. Male and female must be moved onto a wall or ceiling to mate. After breeding, females lay stationary egg sack that will give birth little caterpillar babies which drop to the floor. Once they have reached juvenile, they will crawl back up to the wall/ceiling and become a cocoon. In this stage, they have a "quality" meter that replace the food meter, and they must be "fed" silk to keep up the quality of the cocoon until they reach adulthood. Wyvern: All wyverns now have a bar atop the HUD. Right click now must be held down to release breath attack, which will then consume the bar instead of stamina. Double clicking right click will instead release a ball of the breath attack and uses up a chunk of the bar. This charged attack will travel in an arc and will explode in a small radius to do AOE damage when it hits something. To accommodate this change, poison wyverns now have a normal poison breath attack and the poison ball is moved to the double right click. Also, now breedable. Can only be breed in an area of sufficient temperature. Once the female has finished mating, she goes through a gestation period before finally laying the egg. Basilisk: Give them a turret mode that lets them shoot poison at enemies. When in turret mode, they coil up and can shoot in all directions. Also, make them breedable. Babies have a unique raise where the only imprint they will ask for is to swallow an Ovis whole, giving them another use since mutton is only useful until you can start making kibble. Roll Rat: Saddle durability only affects its ability to roll. Once it is "broken", it can still be ridden, but it can't roll until it is repaired. Rock Drake: Is now naturally immune to stun-based attacks; the player cannot be dismounted. Also to give them more PvP uses, they can now pin large targets like rexes and spinos, and their bite attack now has stamina-draining venom. Can now be bred. Can only be breed in cold temperatures or in radioactive areas, and the female goes through gestation before laying an egg. Herbivores: It's ridiculous how carnivores have a wide variety of meats with different taming efficiency, yet most herbivores either require kibble for a simpler tame, or 8 hours with berries and crops. I propose that honey, sap, plant Z and Y fruits, rare mushrooms and flowers all be given taming effectiveness to all herbivores. Perhaps plant z fruits can be the herbivore equivalent of mutton.
  7. Suggestion: Tek saddle update Before I start, I just wanna say that I am not a PvP player and I only recently got into Official PvE a few months, so I apologize if any of these ideas seem unbalanced as I am not sure what the current meta is like or anything like that, these are just ideas I've had and I figured I'd share them. This particular idea is for an update centered around tek saddles. The current tek saddles have never really seemed that worth it to me; they are expensive to craft, their armor value is worse than even some ramshackle blueprints, and they are also completely oriented for use in PvP. This update would flesh out tek saddles to give them many new uses and also make them more useful in PvE situations. More tek saddles This one should be obvious, but if we're gonna be fleshing out tek saddles, they might as well make more of them! Reaper Tek Saddle (Module slots: 3) Trike Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Wooly Rhino Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Wyvern Tek Saddle (Module slots: 3) Giganotosaurus Tek Saddle (Module slots: 4) Griffin Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Snow Owl Tek Saddle (Module slots: 1) Karkinos Tek Saddle (Module slots: 3) Spinosaurus Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Mantis Tek Saddle (Module slots: 1) Direwolf Tek Saddle (Module slots: 1) Direbear Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Roll Rat Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Rex Tek Saddle (Module slots: 4) Tapejara Tek Saddle (Module slots: 2) Megalodon Tek Saddle (Module slots: 3) Mosasaurus Tek Saddle (Module slots: 4) Rock Drake Tek Saddle (Module slots: 3) Astrocetus Tek Saddle: (Module slots: 5) Tek saddle modules Similar to the Mek, tek saddles now have their own modules! However, unlike the Mek modules, saddle modules are tekgrams, not engrams. Also unlike the Mek, different tek saddles can support different amount of modules. Here are some of the tek saddle module ideas I've come up with: Blaster Module: Exactly the same as the current guns already equipped on tek saddles except now, they are considered a module and be unequipped to use other modules. No passive ability, usable by all tek saddles. Cockpit Module: This module requires element to run and encapsulates the rider in an energy field that protects them from damage as long as it is powered. Passive adds slight damage resistance and is usable by all tek saddles. Cannot be used in tandem with the Passenger Module. Passenger Module: This module does not require any fuel source of its own, but instead adds a second seat to the tame. No passive, usable by all tek saddles that don't already seat multiple riders. Cannot be used at the same time as the Cockpit Module. Turret Module: Exactly the same as the gun turrets on the Astrocetus tek saddle, now in module form! This module can only be used on tek saddles with a passenger seat. No passive. Cannot be used in tandem with Passenger Module Defense Module: This module resembles a mask/helmet that fits over the tame's head. Tames equipped with this module would look like they have the head of a tek variant, and would grant extra armor and protect the tame from headshot damage at the cost of element. The tame's head would have a shimmering graphical effect so creatures that are already tek variants can still be distinguished as wearing a Defense Module. Passive grants slight boost to melee damage of tame, usable by all tames with tek saddles. Shield Module: This module resembles a collar around the tame's neck and turns the tame into a support role. When activated, a vertical, translucent, rectangle-shaped energy barrier appears in front of them at the cost of element. This shield is about 5 walls high and 6 foundations wide, giving enough room to cover the tame, the rider, and perhaps ground troops standing beside them. When the shield is deployed, the tame will be unable to sprint. No passive, usable by ground tames with tek saddles. Jet Module: This module resembles the jet on the back of the tek chestpiece and requires element for fuel. When activated, pressing shift will cause the tame to enter a static "glide" animation and the jet will propel them forward, allowing them to soar at great speeds. Pressing spacebar will create a burst that can be used to strafe, gain altitude, or dive similar to the Managarmr, but will cost a bigger chunk of the Element percentage. When the Jet Module is in use, the creature will not use extra stamina. Passive is slight increase in movement speed and is only usably by flyers, aquatic tames and gliding tames. Power module: This module would arguably be the most powerful, but its use would be restricted to tames that have a charge or dive attack, such as the Wooly Rhino or Snow owl. When equipped, a simmering energy-effect covers the front of the tame and the rider. Once the charge-dive is initiated, it will start consuming Element for power and the shimmer effect becomes more pronounced, and they deal more damage the faster they go. Once they've reached their top speed, they can also knock down trees and smash through rocks, and will also do extra damage to structures. Passive grants resistance to damage that scales with speed and as stated before, is only useable by tames with charge/dive attacks. Cannot be used on a tek saddle that is currently equipped with a Jet Module. Freight Module: This module adds 3 special slots to your tame's inventory. Whatever you place into these slots will grant the tame 75% weight reduction for that item as long as it is equipped. Passive perk allows tames to continue walking even when encumbered at the cost of element, similar to the tek leggings. Can be used with any tek saddle. Charge Module: This is the only module that does not require element to run, instead consuming charge batteries. When the module is equipped, the lights on the tek saddle will glow much brighter and will emit charge light. Accessing the radial menu will allow them player to toggle the range of the charge light, with power draw scaling accordingly. No passive, usable by all tek saddles. All modules are powered individually be dragging element over them on the mount's inventory screen. All tek saddles now have durability However, this durability acts differently than other items. Instead, the durability determines the amount of features available to be used. All tek saddles can have full fabricator, smithy and mort and pestle functionalities at full power. At 100%-75% all functionalities will work. Below 75% the fabricator functionality will stop until repair. Below 50% the smithy functionality will stop until repair. Below 25% the mortar and pestle functionality will stop until repair O% renders all modules inoperable and the tek saddle becomes just a fancy saddle until repair. Tek saddles do not receive damage from attacks and only from consuming element for fuel Constructive criticism is always welcome!
  8. QoL - Shoulder Pet QoL suggestions I have 4 suggestions regarding shoulder pets, and I believe both of these would be greatly beneficial to be added to the game. Here is what I propose: First off, the inputs for reloading and throwing shoulder pets while mounted should to be separated. I am pretty sure many people out there have been in this exact scenario. I know I have been too many times to count: * Trying to farm Nameless venom using a mount * Turns off charge pet * Reaches for T to whistle it back on once Nameless start showing up * Accidentally hits R * Charge pet gets thrown off * From here, 1 and 2 things are going to happen: * The charge pet is on passive and the Nameless kill it pretty much instantly * The charge pet is on neutral and the Nameless kill it instantly Getting off your mount to try and go grab it has a very low rate of success because the Nameless will then attack you as well and push you around and reaching the charge pet before one of you dies is nearly impossible. Out of all the times this has happened to me, I was only ever able to rescue a single charge pet and that was purely out of luck. In most scenarios, the Nameless are going to be difficult to kill because the charge pet is off and more will just keep spawning before the first wave dies. It is convenient to have reload bound to R where it's easy to reach, but it's super easy to accidentally hit R while mounted and throw your shoulder pet off. My suggestion is have them not be bound to the same key. Let us keep reload on R and have throwing a shoulder pet while mounted have its own separate key binding. If this were to be implemented, it would greatly reduce the amount of shoulder pet casualties. Even if this were to get implemented, however, misclicks still happen on occasion, which is why my second suggestion is for the addition of a whistle option to turn on/off charge pets. If the above scenario happened with this feature implemented, you could just stay seated on your mount and just whistle the charge pet to turn on, kill all the Nameless, then rescue your charge pet. I also think there should be a Turret mode for charge pets. This would essentially allow for charge pets to toggle on and off on their own. There could even be adjustable settings, such as only activating when they detect wild dinos, enemy players and tames, or even tribemates. You could even leave a charge pet in your base on turret mode and have it effectively act like a light that turns on when you come inside. Lastly, I suggest that charge pets should be given radius options with proportionally scaled charge consumption. Essentially, what I am proposing is that charge pets have an option on their radial menu that would allow players to manually increase and decrease their emission range, with the maximum range requiring the most charge and lower radii requiring less. There could also be a toggleable option to make the charge pet conserve charge be decreasing its radius as its charge gets lower. I'm no game developer, but I have a feeling these additions would be pretty easy to add since all of these suggestions are derived from mechanics already in the game. Implementing these QoL suggestions would be greatly beneficial and would make charge pets not only even more useful, but also save a lot of them from dying due to a mistake that is incredibly easy to make. Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions!
  9. CAN'T TRANSFER HELP I can't transfer off servers and I have babies that need to be fed and imprinted soon!!! The "join session" button is broken. It clicks and everything, but it doesn't do anything. Sometimes, it just says always greyed out. I read that sometimes this means the character was duplicated, but I attempted to go the other server to see and it has had me permanently Login Locked. I say permanent because it's supposed to be only 15 minutes and it has been nearly an hour now! DILO is going on???
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