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  1. During this event I've begun trying to tame Basilisks on official, as I never got to during the Summer Event since back then you couldn't transfer eggs to Crystal Isles then. I built a trap outside my base and have tamed several over the course of this event, but I keep getting an extremely annoying issue. Seemingly randomly, some basilisks would tame normally, some would start with already massive dropped taming effectiveness on their first egg, or they would eat the first egg and then the taming bar would go down. Since they take 4 min per egg this makes them impossible to tame as the bar ba
  2. You can only bring certain creatures to Aberration. You can only bring non-flyers (Managarmr doesn't count) that either have aberrant variants, or are from a DLC/map that came out after Aberration (Deinonychus, Bloodstalker, etc) I would recommend bringing things to help with base building, so ankies, doeds and stegos now that they can harvest wood and thatch. As soon as you can, tame a Karkinos as their ability to carry 2 tames around makes harvest resources all the more easier. That being said Aberration is best suit for the creatures found there, don't rely too much on old tames for too lon
  3. If anyone out there is still looking for an easy way to level up chibis quickly, it is easier than ever thanks to Crystal Isles. On Crystal Isles, there is an entire area of open ocean surrounding Eldritch Isle that has the highest spawn rate for alpha tusos and mosas than anywhere else in the game. I imprinted a basilosaurus (who can now survive much deeper than before since a few updates ago) and hunted lots of them. If you find an alpha tuso, you can even trick it into fleeing in the direction of the world border where it will get itself stuck. Then, you can just hop off your basilo an
  4. There was nothing built on it, I use them solely for transportation and mining. Yes, I know all about Skiff functionality and have encountered this glitch twice. I know how it works, assume I tried everything. The Skiff does not fly, regardless of anything done to it. No fuel, no building and removing structures, no fuel types. It no longer works.
  5. Skiffs "bricked" glitch NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!! So this is an issue that I've personally had to deal with twice already, and has been in the game for a while from what I have looked up. If you crash while riding a Skiff, the Skiff will no longer function properly. FOREVER. Once you log back on, you can drive it, but the game will now say it has no fuel, even if you take everything out and put it back in. However, in this state of the glitch, the Skiff is still partially usable. From here, you can fly the Skiff on a horizontal axis, but the moment you log off and log back in, or dismount,
  6. Pro-tip: only raise babies on x1 and pod them when they are about to be ready for imprint. Then uncryo for imprint during 3.5x for biig imprint boost while baby is still young. If baby can fit in roo pouch, even better.
  7. Honestly I think they need to just need to completely redo how taming Bloodstalkers works. They had it good at one point, then made it literally hundreds of blood bags, and then made it even worse by now having us need to sacrifice tames AND THEN spend hundreds of blood packs. I propose a new method that is more fair and less time consuming while still balanced, although this would require them to make it to where you can eat food and drink while grabbed: Let a Bloodstalker reel you in. Once it starts sucking your blood, start eating narcotics or drink beer. Once you are knock
  8. I like it, I just wish it offered carry weight reduction for all harvested resources instead of just a few like metal, stone, wood, etc. I was mostly excited for being able to efficiently and quickly gather obsidian only to learn that you don't get weight reduction for it...only a select few materials.
  9. Suggestion: New water tame - The Surograssum! Hello, this is a suggestion I have for a new creature that I feel would be HIGHLY beneficial to exist within the game. This creature would be highly beneficial and fills a niche that the game could definitely benefit from. Helena's notes: Deep within the waters of the ARK dwells the gentle giant Phyllopteryx Gigaphilos. Appearing to be a distant evolutionary descendant of Phycodurus Equs, this benevolent behemoth has no natural predators and does not appear to have any defensive abilities whatsoever. Rivaling Basilosaurus in size, its
  10. I would very much like to see them bring back the ability for flyers to carry wild animals in PvE. I know it was removed to prevent griefing, but there's gotta be a better way. I think the best way to go about it would be to force flyers to automatically drop wild animals if they fly within enemy territory, and the dropped creature ignores any players or tames for a limited amount of time or unless it is attacked first. I don't know much about programming, but I imagine it could easily be done by tweaking the same code used for placing structures near enemy territory and offline protecti
  11. Welcome to the 1,000,000th TLC idea thread! Title says all, let's just jump right in. Carno: First off, change up the model to make their heads rounder. Their heads were straight-up spheres. Make them have a charge attack like the Wooly Rhino but not maybe as powerful, but they can get a pack buff. Also, they were essentially the dino-equivalent to cheetahs, so let's make em hella fast, let em jump and have a charge leap, and let them be able to turn on a dime and also able to turn while standing still. Megalosaurus: Give it its own animations instead of just using dilophasaurs an
  12. Suggestion: Tek saddle update Before I start, I just wanna say that I am not a PvP player and I only recently got into Official PvE a few months, so I apologize if any of these ideas seem unbalanced as I am not sure what the current meta is like or anything like that, these are just ideas I've had and I figured I'd share them. This particular idea is for an update centered around tek saddles. The current tek saddles have never really seemed that worth it to me; they are expensive to craft, their armor value is worse than even some ramshackle blueprints, and they are also completely o
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