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  1. [UK][EU]/X10/S+/ORP [UK][EU]/X10/NPP Map Ragnarok server link page https://toparkservers.com/server/ Mods takes some time to download mods
  2. Rafts Disable rafts or fix the colliding bug that can allow structures go in side of a raft or allow the raft to get way in a rock see to many people drive rafts in to structures then c4 it maby a fix could be that structures on saddles and rafts can be damaged by turrets
  3. increase all official server rates increase all official server rates so the average player can play the game waiting 3 -4 hrs for a Dino to tame is to long average tribe members now only play for 1-2 hr at most increase would also bring new players to the game and fill all of the dead servers
  4. no it is a official legacy server and restarts at 00.20 uk time no warnings
  5. na seems to restart @ 00.20 eatch night uk time zone on the cluster ime on and if u dont keep track u end up loosing your stuff
  6. Server restart message have lost so much due to no warnings of restart when i log back in my Dino and player are dead due to not having any warning to get safe kinda sux when it takes hours to get a Dino to loose it from a restart
  7. UK/EU time zone Tribe recruitment Looking for people for LEGACY-EU-CrossArk8-Ragnarok - (v300.6) Official Server Looking for People intrested in PVP PVE casual players are welcome join for more info https://discord.gg/MThYdV5
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