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  1. Blue Collar Gaming, come check us out if your new and old:) fresh wipe 8/17/19. blue collar gaming ! come and join the recent wipe! Tired of the horrible server owners? Lots of downtimes due to inefficient server management? We understand! We hate it too! We strive to make your ark experience much more enjoyable! Features: Advertising Rewards Purge Weekends Fair & Honest Admins CROSS-PLAY Compatible Starters in White & Green Drops Damaging Structures is disabled on weekdays! Our server is catered to those who work weekdays! You can build in any cave! Our Artifacts are inside Drops! [US] [PVP] Blue Collar Gaming: All Maps Our Discord https://discord.gg/KkJtkbt Custom Stacking Mod Custom drops Crop speed x15 Tame limit 450 Tribe limit 8 Alliance Limit 3 Turret limit 500 Reduced crafting Events with prizes Auto Unlock Engrams (When You Reach Required Level) & More!
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