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  1. remember then the Stego was good for a month or two?... i remember that but seriously why take the one thing the stego had a use for.. a very niche use that requires the stego to be at a very certain angle to a turret.
  2. You're probably wondering why these claims are tales, well it's said that the Lucky Liopleurodon's magic is so powerful, it cannot be kept under control, and after some time, it harnesses this power to get away. hopefully thats just an option i kinda just want a pet liopleurodon..
  3. if that you take your eyes off one of those and its walked across the map.. probably making a b-line towards your base.... Half my base was "offlined raided" in pve by one in June and i still have PTSD i mean i have my base surrounded by behemoth gates but you never know
  4. feed my dinosaurs go get sap for the snails, express extreme anxiety at the Titanosaur wandering across the river
  5. yall got any of those Thylacoleo or Microraptor?.... no ok maybe next patch...
  6. based off Equus giganteus well play ark devs well played
  7. oh god just ramming through wood structures....
  8. this is all well and good but.. uhh you got those ughh Kaprosuchus... come on man dont hold out on me, Im jonesing bad!
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