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  1. Will they ever be allowed? Transferred one, wanted to see the imprint, says can't deploy
  2. In other words, don't do the missions more than once. Just beat the game and quit playing. WC already got their money because you bought the DLC. You got your "fun" out of doing the mission once. Enjoy your day.
  3. Timers on generators Starting with generators, it would be nice to have live timers. When you add or remove fuel, it could be updated to reflect remaining time. It would be impressive but far more intensive to expand this timer concept to grills, forges, cookers, etc... but I feel like generators would be doable on the client side and therefore not cause server strain. Just a thought. Let me know how you guys feel about that.
  4. The second set of notes says that the magmasaur was once on Scorched Earth but was removed. I know a lot of collectors who say they would be really upset if we cant at the very least transfer things into the new maps.
  5. I did the chronicles I notes in official but got everything reset during the event somehow. Now, when I go back to the first set of notes, theres nothing there to get.
  6. Im curious about the new reskins. Will they just move the color regions around or will they be new subsets of the creatures like aberrant variaties? Are they breedable against their existing counterparts?
  7. The notes for genesis chronicles 1 now seem to be missing for me in solo. Is anyone else experiencing this or can anyone verify they still exist in official?
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