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  1. Same thing happened with my tribemate as well, he quit game and left behind his raft at someone base without notice us, then we got shouted in global chat. After I got that raft back, then we decide to change our tribe name lol.
  2. Ok, I will looking for his base later today. And I will save these methods as last resort lol. Haha, I feel ya, but so far everyone from my server park their raft by the shore, well manner eh?.. should I ask if they are Canadian? lol
  3. This is actually very good idea, I am going to place one now. Thanks.
  4. I see, so it can't be help then, hopefully I can see him online. Thanks.
  5. Abandoned Raft Hi guys, I am new to this game and on NA-PvE official server Valguero. I am building fences around my base and found a raft abandoned (I assume it is abandoned because it had left there for two week) in my fences planning area. How long is the decay timer of wooden raft? I checked it last week and it will decay after 11 days, and I checked again today I went back up to 14 days. The owner should pass by that raft to get the timer reset, and he always offline when I am online, so I can't ask him to move his raft in global chat. What can I do about it? Thanks.
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