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  1. Any chance we can get back Dino’s that starved during this time? We have screenshots. I submitted tickets and they said they couldn’t help with DDOSing issues also this is not fixed the 3 people at the bottom of the list logged in and it started lagging again. This is at 5:52 Eastern time
  2. I assure you it is a PlayStation NA official pvp server. I would upload a picture of the server but it won’t allow me to upload
  3. Valguero 1085 has been down for the past 2 days Since 11 pm on Sunday August 8th PS4 Valguero Official 1085 has been completely unplayable. Either it will not let you connect or you can connect and it has a ping of 255 before disconnecting you a few minutes later. We have lost many Dino’s to this and have submitted tickets with no response.
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