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  1. Definitely need to be able to see trough range AND would be nice to see which trough a dino is feeding from if a tek trough and a reg trough both in range (different icons above head perhaps)
  2. New player/member Forum Access I am sorry, butyour logic to weed out trolls by requiring people to A) find forums they can interact in, B) a count requirement is absolutely stupid. This is akin to saying a person who talks alot must be a good person? huh? it is VERY discouraginf ro players who have learned enough about the game to want ot find out more and read posts, trade dinos, etc. but trading dinos and other things are locked to "veterans"? Sorry but if i pay for a game, i should have the same access as anyone else. As it sits, i would leave game before i chatted enough to make the requirements,. That stinks because i like the game, getting into it and youll lose me before i do enough board chats to "qualify" as a non troll. Why? simply because im a new player. Yeah seems right eh? Sorry WC, you need to find a new method, this one isnt appropriate. Veteran players who breed dinos should not be the only ones able to vie wthe forum. You want to lock down troll chat? i can go there with you and agree, post certain amount to be able to post, but to read? and learn? and perhaps go tot hat aserve rand find them to trade? no, your inhibiting game play and you need ot fix that
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