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  1. great, no help, this forum dead? i figured out it myself throught series of tests, but i wont tell u, FU!
  2. Imprinting amount Hello. Are there any option to increase imprinting amount gained by baby dinos per one cuddle? I mean i want gain about 50-100% from ONE cuddle. A dont want 100 cuddles to gain 100% imprinting.So i cant find any line or option that affect that in server settings. Can you help me with that?BabyImprintingStatScaleMultiplier is NOT the right paramenter and DONT affect imprinting amount.Any ideas?
  3. How to enable Fear evolved or any other event through ASM? Hello. I want to eun Fear evolved 1 or 2 or any other event on my server to have skins, but dont know how to do it. I tried changing config file and adding beta braqnch support to it but after i done that my asm wont start. Also i tried changing Server args and switch to Halloween banch - dont work for me. can anyone tell me how to start those events?
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