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  1. Not gonna lie I would probably say that the idea that we need a wyvern tlc is unecessary. I would say honestly let the tek wyvern saddle come with ascension which should totally be a part of the tlc where we finally have the tek cave and an overseer that acts differently. Maybe it splits into the 4 bosses and then maybe transforms into a hydra that would require players to shot or use wyvs etc. But thats an idea for ascension with engrams being tek forge, tek binoculars/ tek water source(acts as a watersource anywhere based on tek generator) and of course the dev kit's ek wyvern saddle. I don't see a need for a tlc to wyverns outside of what I said but you are right. This rare fire bird can kill wild golems, but saying that, its more of a pve dino than pvp and gigas do the same job. I think it should be bufffed so that it has higher health and maybe weight casue other stats are fine . Moth just needs a complete update. As for new thigs, why not add amphisbaena a mythical two headed winged snake. (Tame mechanic like titanboa and basilisk except with only wyvern , maybe even add mechanic where they prefer a certain egg that you can tell by a glowy colour) I would also say add Ice Wyvs because as helena said, Ice wyverns are in scorched. Another guy would be a cockatres who acts like a deinonychus except they have torpor abilities or even spew gas. i know they can do something cool with him. A new engram( not that it matters since rag and valguero exist ) the flame turret we all sought which changes the pvp meta and increases start. Add them to a separate grid with a limit of 5 within half that foundation radius of the normal turrets. Cerberus be the best version of a direwolf. OMG where is a modder this could so happen and show how stupid wildcard is
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