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  1. I can't see why they can't give the option (without mods) to have 1st person mode... It seems that is mostly because of the new combat... So why can't we have 3rd person mode, but when you equip a weapon, it goes to third person.... You press the dive roll button, it switches immediately to 3rd person to see the animation. Something a bit more dynamic would work for those that need the 1st person mode to function.
  2. No, I doubt that the rules can really be enforced... I'm more trying to suggest hard coded (server setting) ways to lessen the "cheatyness" so that it's more playable and enjoyable for all.
  3. @Jen, @JatheishSome ways you could stop some of the ill behaviour on the small tribes is :- 1. Disable pin codes for anyone not in the same tribe. 2. Disable un-claiming of dinos. 3. Make all fertile eggs raised by anyone outside of the tribe turn into non-fertile eggs or non-claimable.. 4. Perhaps give offline raiding protection a go, as there are no alliances, it would be "somewhat" harder to exploit. (example; it would be harder to make another account and build close to active tribe to make invulnerable walls to hide behind.) --anyone else got some other ideas?
  4. I see nothing wrong with making it like this... There should be better programming logic placed on foundational structures... I hate seeing mass deforestation(de-spawning) happen by just placing down even one square tile. It also makes it impossible for a small tribe to hide in the woods. As an example of better re-spawn programming logic... If you have a walled perimeter, make anything inside that perimeter not spawn back, while outside the wall you have a shorter distance so things are able to spawn back much closer to your base. Also, not to make this outside spawn distance the same distance that another tribe can build. Another idea, though somewhat drastic and would not be liked very much... Make it so that you cannot place foundations "X" meters further than your main cluster of foundations. As in , if you have a base that would be considered your main cluster of foundations thus limiting the distance that you can build away from there. Meaning no ability to make outposts, nor spam pillars everywhere. But the first suggestion needs to be in place in order for this to happen. If we were giving two or three tribal tokens (say a custom paintable flag) which could enable us to build 1 large base and only a couple of smaller outposts elsewhere. While massively reducing foundation spawn blocking abilities; Would this be better than what we have now?
  5. I just don't get how to active this event.... I use Ark Server Manager (not single player) and I just don't know where to place the line of code to make it work?
  6. I'd have to agree... The Dev Kit is somewhat overwhelming... For instance setting up a water plane (with all the typical physics/water effects that applies to the water) or lakes is a total pain when in all reality it should be a simple single click of a button and all the default settings for water is done for you. From there you then should be able to modify the effects water has etc... Cutting holes in surfaces for caves or even underwater caves to problematic also at times. -- If the Dev Kit interface was a little more user friendly especially for beginners, I'd expect quite a few more people wanting to play around with the creative ideas they have to make mods/maps (which would be a win for the longevity of this game!
  7. @Jen To help prevent players from being shut out - An option could be that at least some of these rare resources could be refined so as an example... 10x Metal Ingots could be refined into 1x High Grade Metal Ingots - New structure "Refinery" or use Forge with some other resource to create. 10x Fiber could be "refined" into 1x Fine Thread - New structure "Spinning Wheel" (could be used in conjunction with Sheep Wool) ect ect ect... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Survivor, Mendoza asks, “Could we get very rare resource drops that are worth say 10x more than the normal resources... Example -- Rare Metal Ore - That can be smelted down to make Fine Grade Metal Ingots... This kind of rare resources and others like Fine Wood, Rare Pearls, Quality Stone ect, would open up a new economy for trade and also allow for the building of High End Mastercraft Gear which can't fit in the slots provided in crafting stations.(being 10x more valuable, interchangeable with normal resources and stacks the same as the average like resources) -- Rare resources could also open up the possibility of being able to craft slightly better quality gear the more "quality resources" used to make said item.”
  8. dammit had it half interpreted when I found out I was beaten to it !!!
  9. I hope snake taming is not just for the event...
  10. Mendoza


    what happened to the other Manta picture -- deleted?
  11. Mendoza

    Pax Rex In Progress

    When you're finished with that dino - could you please post it to my home in Australia... thanks!
  12. Mendoza

    Surf's Up!!!

    Dino ride for the Elderly? I was imagining something a little more streamlined!?
  13. Mendoza

    The Bare Necessities!

    Does it come in white?
  14. Sounds to me that the poop will be bigger than the beetle... how on earth are you gonna put that into it's inventory !?
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