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  1. We ended up giving up...giving The Island with Primitive Plus a shot. Thanks for your direction! The usecache was cool, I didn't know about that before.
  2. Same issues on CentOS. I've tried with usecache and without, and I'm trying to load it up with no mods currently...still no dice.
  3. CentOS 7 Dedicated server shows less console output than Windows I've been running Ark on Windows, and it would always give information on when the server actually loaded and was available. On Linux, it stops at "Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 346110" even once the server is online. Is there a way to get more verbose console output?
  4. Tried that, was optimistic but no love. Going to try loading it up on a CentOS 7 server, but if anyone else has any input on this I'd appreciate it. Thanks all!
  5. Crazy long start time on Valguero dedicated server Apologies if this is posted somewhere else, I did some googling and couldn't really turn up anything. I'll post server specs at the bottom, but I've tried this on multiple VMs on multiple hosts. Mod List: 111111111 - Primitive+ (This is in the Mods folder but I don't think it's active) 647269599 - Better Beacons Redux! 731604991 - Structuers Plus 754885087 - More Narcotics and More Tranq Arrows Combined v3.0 793605978 - Super Spyglass 947524058 - Kibble Station 1108888805 - Elder Dinos 1184731864 - StackMeMore v1.51 I've started playing Valguero with my kid brother - two frequent players, and two others that are on infrequently. The startup time is freaking terrible, ranging from 20 minutes to a bit over an hour. Initially, we had imported a save that my brother was hosting locally via the Ark client, and just having folks join up. We tried to troubleshoot the lag...removed all the mods, no dice. Deleted our player files, no dice. Eventually, he mentioned that it might be his "other body" somewhere off in the distance. Not sure how or why he had duplicate bodies, but we flew off, killed it, and that actually seemed to help the start time, it brought it down to 5 minutes. But only once - the next server restart was right back up to 20-30 minutes. So, I gave up, and started from scratch. New VM, new files, new everything aside from our character and tribe files. No dice. At some point, he went into the config and disabled character / dino downloads, and that helped briefly, but it went right back up. I've tried loading in a blank TheIsland server, and that loaded up without an issue. I tried loading up our old TheIsland save, which also loaded up without an issue on the start time. We'd been on that one for a year or two, multiple bases, lots of dinos, lots of players. Deleting all the files in SavedArks and starting a clean Valguero save gives me a startup time of two minutes. I'm fairly confident it's not the hardware the server is running on. It's something tetched in our save data. I've tried starting up via a batch file, with the following script: start ShooterGameServer.exe "Valguero_P?Listen?ServerCrosshair=True?ServerPassword=XXX?ServerAdminPassword=XXX?" -NoBattlEye I've tried starting via Ark Server Manager. No descernable difference in startup times. So...question being, what average startup times are you guys seeing for Valguero, and are there any mods, settings, etc, that you can recommend for decreasing the startup time? Any tips on other causes for long startup times? Here's the various hardware specs of the places I've tried to host it. 1.) Dell Poweredge R710, host OS ESXI 6.0, running on a Windows Server 2012 VM. 40GB system HDD, 50GB HDD for Ark. Both SSDs. 24GB RAM allocated to the VM, DDR2. 16 CPUs, Intel Xeon E5640 @ 2.27GHz 2.) Dell PowerEdge R610, host OS ESXI 6.0, running on a Windows Server 2012 VM. 40GB system HDD, 50GB HDD for Ark. Both SSDs. 24GB RAM allocated to the VM, DDR3. 16 CPUs, Intel Xeon E5640 @ 2.27GHz 3.) My desktop, host OS Windows 10, using VMWare Workstation Pro, runningo n a Windows Server 2012 VM. 40GB system HDD, 50GB HDD for Ark. Both SSDs. 24GB RAM allocated to the VM, DDR3, fast gaming RAM. 8 CPUs, i7-4790K @ 4.0GHz I tried clean installed servers on these hosts, as well as importing a preconfigured OVA that was already set up for Ark, it was a copy of the server we originally played TheIsland on, so I know that VM was configured alright. These servers were all up to date on Windows Update and performing okay. My internet speed is 400/400, but I'm 95% that for a local dedicated server, the internet speed shouldn't have anything to do with the server's startup time. And, for what it's worth, there's not really any performance issues once the server is up and running - just the startup time is abysmal. This has been driving me nuts - that can't be the standard normal startup time. Not that the fact that the people I play with screw up pretty frequently and request save rollbacks constantly...heh. So...please for the love of god, help.
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